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Photo Friday: The Friendliest Flower

June 22, 2018

I once heard daisies called the friendliest flower.


First Look Photo: Unbearable Cuteness

July 19, 2017

We have a few chipmunks living in the rocks in the gazeebo out side our building.  I found this one watching me come home from work.

In the Rocks

The start of inspiration

April 3, 2009

I remember the first book that led me to appreciate what the world of literature had to offer.  This is also the same book that accelerated my reading comprehension so much that I started to read everything I could get my hands on.  By the fourth grade, I was reading my dad’s books, and by the fifth grade, I was able to read and understand Shakespeare.  At the same time, my interest and ability in writing was taking off.

The book I am talking about was written by Maurice Sendak in 1963, and was only 10 sentences long.  The name of the book is “Where the wild things are” and now it’s a movie coming out later this year.  The book helped me learn that there is a power in words if the right words are used.  Even though I was much older when I came up with my philosophy on writing, “A picture may be worth a thousand words, a few well chosen words can describe a lifetime.”  This book played a large part in that thought process.

Inspiration can be different things for different people, and happen at different times.  Mine started at a very early age, but after some time I fell away from my creative side because of a lack of encouragement, and being pressured from family and friends to try out for sports, and music.  Many people don’t get truly inspired to persue their gifts until later in life.  It doesn’t matter when the inspiration comes, only that when it does, you should be ready to listen.

The problem many people have is they wait for inspiration.  Inspiration may strike like lightning, but you can’t wait for it.  It has the greatest effect on people who seek it out.  I always think about the person waiting at the bus stop for inspiration to meet him, and inspiration is boarding a plane across town.

Inspiration isn’t always a magic moment that changes your entire life.  Sometimes it’s so small that it’s very easy to overlook.  It’s a starting point, for everything creative. If you grab hold and nurture it, it can give your life meaning, and purpose.

Challenge:  Seek possible sources of inspiration that you might have overlooked, and write them down.  Once you have done that, see where they take you.