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First Look Photo: Keeping it Fun and Creative

May 3, 2017

I just spent one year studying photography with the New York Institute of Photography, and learned a lot about the craft, and business of photography, but in order to keep my passion alive, I also have to keep it fun and creative.  This is why I have been learning how to use the Enlight App on my IPhone.  Today’s shot was one I created on the app.

fun shot

Don’t worry about fruit, just eat your veggies

November 28, 2008

Have you had your daily dose of vegetables and vegetables?  That sounds funny when you say it, but two weeks ago I over heard a conversation that made me curious, and I just had to research it.  What I found out may just change the way you view the produce department at your local grocery store.
The conversation was between a woman at the church I go to, and a chef.  They were discussing whether there was a difference between fruits and vegetables.  We’ve all heard the debate about the tomato.  This debate landed in the Supreme Court (Why I’ll never know) over whether the tomato was a fruit or vegetable.  Their verdict; it is a vegetable, which is correct, but it is also a fruit.
According to every dictionary I could get my hands on the definition of “vegetable” is the edible part of the plant.  In other words, the only criteria for vegetables are 1: it comes from a plant. And 2: it’s edible.  It is a general term which includes all edible plant material, squash, peppers, and apples, whatever.  If it is in the produce department, it IS a vegetable.
You may be scratching your head now wondering, “What is a fruit then?”
According to the same dictionaries, the definition of “fruit” is the seed bearing part of a plant.  This of course includes everything like apples, cherries, peppers, and squash.  Literally anything with seeds.  This definition also includes poisonous plants, not something you want on the dinner plate.
Even though Mushrooms are considered fungus, they have still been classified as vegetables.
The medical industry has been largely responsible for the spreading of this misconception, by classifying them separately on the food pyramid.  I’m certain that that is 99 percent of the reason so many people have become confused.  Before you say, “That can’t be right, doctors don’t lie.”  Just remember, doctors are people too and they make mistakes like all the rest of us.  Even if their use of the words is wrong, you still need your vegetables, so they aren’t lying, just misinformed.

And eat your vegetables.