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Train Your Mind to See Opportunity

November 8, 2013

No End To Opportunity

Here, lately, I’ve been hearing a lot about people who have gone to college, gained experience, and even put their dreams down on paper, only to fail in a big way.  Many of these people blame their failure on the lack of opportunities, in such a poor economy.  They believe that somehow college is their ticket to financial freedom, and all they have to do is wait for the right company to knock down their door.  No offense to educators, but college is hardly a ticket to anything financial, except more debt with student loans.

Colleges are a great place to gain specific knowledge for certain careers, but they don’t teach you how to become wealthy.  If they did, the world would have never heard of great multimillionaires like Bob Proctor who didn’t even make it through his first year in high school; and is one of the greatest personal growth speakers in the world.  He made his wealth through training his mind to become aware of opportunities, and then acting on them.

In the book “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” by T. Harv Eker, he mentions that we live in four worlds; the emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical worlds.  He goes on to say that the physical world is nothing more than a printout of the other three.  In other words, nothing happens in the physical world without it first happening in the other three worlds.

I will try to put this in a different way.  Let’s just say that you dream of becoming the greatest guitarist in the world.  You don’t buy a guitar, take two lessons, then you’re ready to make your fortune.  You first have to focus on what you want to achieve, (begin with the end in mind), then devote your time, and energy into learning, and practicing for hours a day, until you become so good that you don’t have to think about what you’re doing; it just happens.  This is a great point to visualize your end, thereby training your mind to see your dream.

By focusing your mind, spirit, and emotions on your dreams, you are also strengthening your mind to become aware of opportunities in achieving your dream. There is no shortage of opportunities.  The more you train your mind, the more opportunities will present themselves, and the faster you can reach the life you want, and should have.


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Day 58: Creative Cascade

February 20, 2012

Creative Cascade


What started as a trickle

Was soon joined by other trickles

Until gravity pulled it

Along in a stream of conscious thought.

Continuing on

It is influenced by other streams,

Gaining strength and power

Until it cascades down

In a torrent of energetic passion

Into the pool of innovation

Where a man quenches his thirst

And is inspired.

Day 54: Nature Adapts

February 16, 2012

Nature adapts


Man changes his surroundings

To suit his needs,

He takes what he wants from nature

And disregards what he doesn’t.


Nature adapts itself

To the changes of man,

Showing a surprising strength and patience

To accept man’s intrusion.

To every life, some change will come.

July 1, 2009

Every day we are faced with a multitude of changes, some we are painfully aware of, and others we never see.  Change is inevitable; it’s how we handle it that will determine our future.  Change forces us to make a decision on whether we accept, or reject it.  Oh, and lest I forget, change does one other thing that is important.  Some people think that it gives us strength, on the contrary, it just shows us the strength we already have.

A little over two years ago I went through a change that still tests me today.  It was on a Friday, and I was trying to sleep before riding into work.  I was also quite contented that two days before, the last of my bills were paid, and that all we owed was normal living expenses.  I was having a lovely dream when my wife woke me up. She said she had to lie down because her left side was feeling fuzzy.  I told her to give it a few minutes, and within ten minutes it was gone.

I had just started to dream when she came back in and told me that it was fuzzy again, and it was stronger.  Within an hour, we had taken a cab, and checked her into the hospital.  It wasn’t until later that night, in the hospital, that she had a mini-stroke, and fell on her knee, which led to major surgery.

Ever since I was young, I have been very firm in my rules of relationships, so I had accepted the role as “primary caregiver” for her recovery.  She is still “recovering” and I am still taking care of her along with my two jobs.  Some days, I don’t know how I keep going with this schedule, and the constant breaks in sleep, but I have kept going for over two years with the strength that I never knew I had.

“They” say necessity is the mother of invention, but I say that it also frees your strength.  If this situation had never occurred I still wouldn’t believe that I had the strength to keep going, but I do, and I still am.  Yes, it may seem overwhelming at times, but it has to be done, so the strength is still there.

I used to fight change, but now I accept it.  I may not like some of the changes, but I can’t stop them from coming, so I am learning to live with them, and “go with it”

We shouldn’t be afraid of change; it is there to teach us how to apply our creative nature in helping others, and to show us our hidden reserves of strength waiting to be tapped into.  One of my favorite TV characters is always saying, “Everything happens for a reason.”  But I say that things will happen in our lives, and it’s our decision on how to handle it that gives it reason.

Don’t run away from change, learn from it, and use it to find the strength you never thought you had.

Challenge: Think about all the changes in your life, and how much strength you have already found.