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First Look Photo: Striking

August 8, 2018

I’ve been away for a month, and I felt I would return in a flash.

Lightning 72818

Photo Friday: A Winter’s Perspective

December 15, 2017

Strangely enough, I love winter pictures in black and white.  This shot was taken during the second snow storm to hit the Portland area this season.

A Winter Perspective

First Look Photo: Shelter from the Storm

December 13, 2017

Some people will do anything to keep the snow off their head, like this woman and her umbrella.

Into the Storm

First Look Photo: Riding in Traffic

February 15, 2017

I took this picture Tuesday after the big storm.


Photo Friday: Shocking moments.

June 5, 2015

There are two types of photographs that I am obsessed with capturing, but as yet, have not caught the perfect moments.  These photographs are waterfalls, and lightning.  Lightning is easy enough to capture, as today’s photos show, but the shot I am after is a strike that spans the length of Portland.  I have seen many of these types of shots, but most, I have seen have proven to be composites of multiple frames.  The shot I want to capture needs to be done in one shot.

Today’s shots were taken during a recent storm through the area, and I took 399 shots to get these three.  I hope you enjoy.

lightning one

lightning two

lightning three

Photo Friday: Making Up for Lost Time

February 13, 2015

snowy winter

Maine is well known for getting a lot of snow every Winter.  Four, or five feet is not unheard of, and it usually starts in December, and sticks around until the Spring thaw.

This Winter we didn’t see any real snow until the very end of January, with the storm “Juno”, and it hasn’t stopped dumping on us yet.  We have over four feet on the ground currently, and another storm starts tomorrow expecting another foot and a half; all this within three weeks.

I guess you can say nature is making up for lost time.


Clouds, Beautiful Clouds!!!

July 2, 2012

I have always loved clouds.  No matter how many times you photograph them, you never get the same picture twice.  They are beautiful, exciting, and always moving.  Here are just a couple of shots I took this past week.  I hope you enjoy.

This was just before a storm

And when it goes behind the clouds, I just love the lighting effects.

Of course, nothing beats the sunsets.

I hope you enjoyed this.

First good lightning storm of the year.

June 1, 2012

This is something I try to do every year; catch the first overnight lightning storm of the season.  This year was no disappointment.  I slowed down the lightning to make it more visible.


Day 42: Don’t Forget

February 4, 2012

Don’t Forget


They fought for freedom,

You treated them like outcasts.

They gave up their lives,

You lived yours in ignorance.

They came home

To shattered lives, with broken bodies.

You may call them names

Like baby killer and warmonger,

But don’t forget you have that right

Because they fought for your freedom.

Strike it

October 10, 2011

one split second from one of my YouTube videos.