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Photo Friday: The Signs of Spring

April 27, 2018

There are many signs of the advance of Spring, including the beautiful sound of cardinals calling a mate.

Cardinal 99

First Look Photo: Approachable Song Birds

April 4, 2018

Of all the song birds in Maine, the most approachable is the cat bird; a type of mockingbird.

Cat Bird

Feature video Friday: Who Needs Hands

July 6, 2012

This is a song created by the very talented Danna Richards.  This was her response to a contest to see what people can do without hands.  I hope you enjoy it.


Day 50: Bird song

February 12, 2012

Bird Song


I used to listen

To the song of a bird

Outside my window.

It was a happy,

Joyful tune,

That the world wanted to hear.

Then I got too busy

And stopped listening,

Now the bird’s song

Is silenced,

And the world cries.


R.I.P.  Whitney Houston