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First Look Photo: Lady and the Vine

June 28, 2017

I don’t usually see ladybugs this early in the Summer, but I saw this one on my way home from work.  I just love the red wings, and white head.


Photo Friday: Cheeky Duck

December 16, 2016

Today’s photo is of a special little duck.  As I approached all the other ducks flew off.  I wanted a good shot of a duck flying, so I thought I could entice it to fly off by getting closer.  It didn’t work, so I made the best of the situation and got a nice closeup.


Photo Friday: F-stop Video

February 20, 2015

A little later today, I will be posting a video to my photography channel on YouTube.  My video is going over some of the basics of what an F-stop is for, and how much control it gives you over your picture.

In today’s Photo Friday I thought I would show the three photos I took yesterday to use as examples.  I added the f number, and the shutter speed using Adobe Photoshop Elements 13, to illustrate how f-stops effect shutter speed.




Here is the link to my new photo video.