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Photo Friday: Track’s End

June 29, 2018

In the end, nature reclaims what man has abandoned.

Track end

Photo Friday: Window into History

November 17, 2017

Before the city of Portland paved their roads, the streets were made of brick, and I found a pot hole that revealed this fact clearly.

Viewing the past

Hit the road Jack, or Jackie

April 8, 2009

Now that you have a plan for your job search, it’s time to go forth in search of your future job.  This part of the job search is not always easy, but it can be done.

When I was younger, and went looking for a job, I had friends and family members giving me advice on my search, and I tried most of them.  When I looked in the newspaper, the jobs in there were either job scams (advertising for warehouse work, but it was Kirby vacuum sales) or the jobs were already filled with eager job seekers.  The same thing happened with the internet, although I didn’t see that until I was out of high school, and working.  I had better luck standing outside a company and asking a magic 8 ball “this one?”

As you leave your comfortable home to look for a job, the thing you should keep reminding yourself is just because a company says they’re not hiring doesn’t mean they’re not.  They do this for two reasons that I’ve seen.  One is they don’t want just anyone off the street  who will do a lousy job, make a few bucks, and ditch them for two dollars more an hour.  Second, they see if you really want the job by telling you they aren’t hiring to see if you give up and walk away, or if you take the application.  The length of time you take in handing them the application tells them how much you want the job.  It also shows them how well you follow instructions, so be thorough on filling out the whole application.

While you are filling out applications, you should write down information on the companies in which you are applying.  Carry a list with you that have dates.  Under each date, write down the name of the company applied for, the phone number, and the address.  The most important thing to write down is the name of the contact person.  If you forget this one thing, when you call for an interview you could make yourself look like an idiot, and show the person in charge of hiring that you couldn’t care less about them

This list is going to be your guide for when you call for interviews.  Give the companies two days, and then if they haven’t called you first, call them and see if you can schedule an interview in the afternoon.  You still have to fill out applications just in case it doesn’t work out.  The personnel director will give you one of three answers.  They will either say no, which means cross their names off the list, or they will say yes, and you schedule the interview, or they leave an opening, which means you call back in two or three days.

The one thing about personnel directors is to be persistent but don’t become a pest.  Calling every day is being a pest, remember they have jobs that require a lot of attention, and you’re liable to push them into a no fast.  Calling every two or three days is mildly annoying, but it shows them that you’re serious, and willing to be persistent.  The best method is to ask them when to call, and do it when they say.  It shows them that you follow instructions, and that you’re prompt with doing things.

Bring at least three copies of your resume.  Some companies require one and some don’t.  Always be ready.

The most important thing to remember when filling out applications is always be polite.  Whether you fill it out at the company, or take it home, always thank the person who gave it to you.  They are the company’s chance at a first impression, and they have the potential to make or break your chances.  Don’t blow it before you get in the door.

Happy job hunting. The next blog will deal with interviews.