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Photo Friday: Trapped!

October 27, 2017

The best thing about living so close to the ocean is all the things you can see from fishing industries.

Lobster Traps

I Saw the Sign

January 12, 2014

I Saw the Sign

I am a firm believer in the fact that everything happens for a reason.  In all of the books I’ve been reading, they all agree that if you want to succeed, you should follow your intuition.  This week something happened that brought both of those to the forefront of my mind.

Last Sunday, I was enjoying the first afternoon of my vacation, watching videos, when I heard a knock at the door.  One of my favorite neighbors was standing on the other side with a tray full of oil paints, and equipment.  Since the same time last year I have been re-learning my passion for art, and drawing.  My plan was to start with drawing, then work my way up to oils, which I planned to learn by the end of this year.

I wasn’t certain when I was going to start working on it, but with her knock, I felt like now would be a great time.  Before this point, I came up with the usual excuses; I don’t know where to start, I don’t have any good equipment, all the usual points of resistance.  I tried to watch some Bob Ross videos, but they don’t stay on YouTube long enough to get anything out of.

With no Bob Ross videos to watch, I came to another resistance point; how can I learn the style I like if I can’t learn from the best?  Then I told myself that I just have to ask the right question, and it hit me.  Look up Bob Ross style paintings, and through the results I found a guy who is teaching painting.  His name is Jason Bowen, and not only is his style very close to Bob Ross, his method of teaching is close.

Since that excuse is blown, I thought canvas will be expensive.  Through the Art Mart in Portland I found stretched canvas, 5×7, for 1.75 each.  Ok, so now I’m out of excuses for starting now.

I know, I could have let that inner voice have its way, and not follow my intuition; but how will I ever find out how much potential I have if I don’t start doing something about it.  I am hoping to have a painting finished soon to show everyone, but until then, don’t let that inner voice tell you not to start moving forward with your dreams.

Don’t let your current dreams become your future regrets; start now.



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Accidental Awakening.

January 23, 2013

Before I tell you the main story, with my point, let me start with a background story.

When I was twelve, I was told I have a talent with paints, and having a mom who is a painter, I decided to ask her to teach me.  She happily agreed, and set me up, as well as my 10 year old brother (he wanted to learn too).  My mom started teaching us, and we worked hard for an hour.  One thing to keep in mind here, I was a horrible perfectionist, when I was twelve; I am still working on that today.  My mom’s came out fantastic; my brother’s was really good for a ten year old.  Mine looked like a three year old had got into oil paints, and ran all over the canvas.  Right then, I declared myself a talentless hack, and I haven’t picked up a paint brush since then.

That incident took place in 1979.  A couple of weeks ago, I went into an art store, looking for something cheap to make a point in a photography video I’m working on.  Finally deciding on a cheap watercolor set, I brought it home, and thought it would be fun to goof off, and make a fun painting.  I found a photograph I took of a particularly colorful sunset, and started trying to paint it.  After some mistakes, and corrections, it didn’t come out too bad.  I’m not saying it’s going to win any awards, but for a person with no training, and who was just “goofing off”, it wasn’t half bad.

This moment that I like to call an accidental awakening;  a chance moment that awakens a dormant part of your mind; has had me running out to buy art supplies, and books on learning the fundamentals of drawing, and painting.  My mother was ecstatic that I was going to give it another chance.  My goal for this year is to paint a beautiful landscape, like I wanted to when I was twelve.

here is the picture I painted that started my new goal.


There is a saying, “If you don’t use it, you will lose it.”  I don’t believe that anymore.  I believe that if you don’t use your talent, it will become dormant until something happens, by chance, that may awaken your passions for the talent you thought you lost.