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Photo Friday: On the Brink

August 4, 2017

Recently, I read a list of animals on the brink of extinction, and on this list was the beautiful monarch butterfly.  The reason they gave was a fake science started by a psychiatrist as a social experiment, and pushed by liberal, tree hugging, nut jobs like Al Gore.  Of course, I’m talking about “global warming”, but this is neither a political blog, nor a “fake news” blog, so let’s move on.

As soon as I saw them on the list, I began looking, and of course I found this female monarch.  She was resting in a tree long enough for me to get a couple of shots in.

Monarch Butterfly

Day 63: Pieces of My Past

February 25, 2012

Pieces of My Past


That which I hold in my hand

That which I see with my eyes

That which I create with my mind

Are all pieces of my past;

For the events on the news

To the things I made on my own,

They are parts of a puzzle

That are pieces of my past.