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First Look Photo: City Architecture

February 7, 2018

Thanks to the wonderful website I have been looking at some of the architecture of Portland.  I really like the looks of the city building, in the tower, at night.  I especially like the way the arches are lit up.

The Tower


My 5 Year Goals

January 10, 2015

autumn rocker 2

As we begin another year, it is time for new goals to strive for, but this year I’m doing something a little different. I have decided to write (Yes I said write) down my 5 year goals that relates directly to my career choice. During my 2014 research, I discovered that one part of the success process that may have slowed my progress towards my goals, to a crawl, was I never committed my goals to writing.
In an attempt to resolve this issue, I spent part of January 7 writing down my career goals. According to the experts, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, and many others, when you make your goals, think big, and be specific.
With all this in mind, here are my five year goals.
By January 1, 2020 I will be making 833,334 dollars, or more, per month. I will do this through writing, photography, music, and videos.
Writing – I will write no less than 600 words each day, and will have articles in photography & nature magazines within one year of this statement.
Photography – I will continue to sharpen my skills with nature photography, and will be a regular contributor in nature magazines within two years of this statement. By January 2020 I will have photographs in National Geographic.
Music – I will be able to perform in front of an audience with my harmonica, and be able to play at any level with confidence.
Videos – I will be posting no less than two videos per week, on both channels, and will have more than 100,000 views daily. I will also have more than 100,000 subscribers on each channel.
These are my 5 year goals officially starting January 7, 2015. If you haven’t seen any of my YouTube channels they are and .
If you are able to, I would greatly appreciate it if you would subscribe to these channels.
Thank you,

Teaching Without Words

June 25, 2014


The use of words is at the very core of most communication. We speak them, we hear them, we read them, and we write them, but let’s face it, not everyone can use them very well. In my own writing, I prefer a much more conversational tone, trying to write in a way everyone understands. Even though words are very important in conveying ideas, there are other ways to get certain ideas across.
I was recently listening to a program by Bob Proctor, in which he was saying that the mind does not see in words; it sees in pictures. When you hear the word candle, you don’t picture the word “candle”, your mind produces a picture of a candle. Paintings, and photographs, can convey not just an idea, but it can convey emotions, beauty, and action.
As humans, we are almost unlimited in the ways we can choose to communicate; so why do we place words so high above all other forms of communication. We can learn just as much about others viewpoints, and beliefs, through paintings, music, and photography, as we can from words. For those who have read my blogs in the past, you know how I have a problem with people trying to push the arts out of the school system. If you will permit me to use my little soap box briefly, without the arts we have no communication; without communication we have no relationships; without relationships we have no marriage, business, or even a future of any kind. We need the arts, plain and simple.
When we picture teachers, we think about a man, or woman, standing in front of a group of people, talking about something they themselves learned in books, or personal experience; but what about when you need to learn something at work, that you’re having trouble with. You don’t always need to have someone stand in front of you, and explain it. In many cases, you just need to watch them, and practice what they do. We sometimes learn better from actions, than words.
Since this is a blog, and I don’t want to lose focus, I will bring you one more important type of wordless communication, which is too often overlooked. When I was younger, I had seen a movie called Super Christian. The premise of this movie was that there are people who call themselves Christians, and once a week, they personify the perfect Christian, but the rest of the week, they are anything but. Regardless what you teach, or profess, those who are observant will be able to see the truth in your body language. Body language, to those who pay attention will either be proof of your hypocrisy, or a testament of your beliefs.
Not everyone can be a speaker; and not everyone can be a writer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t teach. There are many ways to communicate, and only a small percentage uses words. It doesn’t matter if you’re good with words, or not, you have it within yourself to say what needs to be said without them.

Feature video Friday: Who Needs Hands

July 6, 2012

This is a song created by the very talented Danna Richards.  This was her response to a contest to see what people can do without hands.  I hope you enjoy it.


Feature video Friday: The Piano Guys

June 22, 2012

I have been watching these guys for a while, and they are extremely talented musicians.  Their videos are very creative, and well put together.  If you like great music they are worth the views.

Here is one of their videos.

Reorganization process

April 1, 2012

I know I haven’t been posting many poems this past week, but I’ve been trying to organize my schedule to incorporate more posts on the internet.  I will resume the poems shortly, and other media.  As I have promised previously the posts will continue on WordPress, and they will be mixed media for the moment.

Here is another picture I took yesterday morning of a chipmunk that was enjoying a little breakfast.  I hope you all enjoy it.

Creativity boosters!!!

February 28, 2011

When it comes to creativity, even the most creative person needs a little boost once in a while.  Many people have offered suggestions, and some of these involve the use of illegal narcotics and alcohol.  These substances may give you a sense of creative power; however it is a false feeling.  Drugs and alcohol don’t make people creative; they just lower your brain’s control.

If you want a true boost to your creativity, and not run a risk of physical danger to you, or your brain, I have two methods that have never failed to deliver. These methods are music, and exercise.

With music, I can have something to listen to without having something visual to take my attention away from what I should be doing, which is writing, in my case.  When you have something to watch the temptation is too great to just sit there and watch whatever is on.  When you stick to just music, you can focus your eyes on what you’re doing, and maybe give you a rhythm to help you accomplish what you want.

The physical benefits of exercise have been drilled into us since we were children, even though some people haven’t heard that message; but how does it fit into boosting creativity?  The human brain needs a constant flow of blood to keep it functioning.  With exercise, endorphins are released and blood pumps more freely; bringing more fuel to the brain, bringing with it a greater capacity for focus, thought, and of course, creativity.

In the case of writing, exercise has two benefits.  It boosts my creativity, and since writing is done sitting at your desk, with very little moving around, I get the advantage of keeping my weight under control.

I’m not saying that this is a 100 percent guaranty for everyone, or that it will begin the moment you start exercising.  I didn’t see any results for the first week of my exercise program, but with regular exercise (6 days a week since November) I noticed a massive improvement.

To put this in the simplest way possible, if you want the best, natural, boost to your creativity, turn on some music for focus, and rhythm; start a good exercise program, and practice your creative potential constantly.  If you do this the only thing you will over dose on is a healthy body, and mind.