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Photo Friday: The Tree and the Fence

March 29, 2019

This tree is growing so close to the fence, it’s starting to grow around it.

Fenced in Tree

First Look Photo: Super Moon

December 6, 2017

With the recent super moon, I finally had the opportunity to photograph the full moon with my 300 mm lens.

Super Moon

Photo Friday: Howl at the Moon

February 26, 2016

When you see a full moon setting, it can be an amazing sight, and fun to capture, but when you take a photograph of it the moon can be rather disappointing.  The reason for this, unknown to many, is that when you use a standard lens on your camera, it’s not capable of bringing the moon in close.  If you want to bring the moon in, you are going to need a little zoom.  My best zoom, that made it look close to what my eye saw, I had to go with a 300 mm lens.

In today’s photos, I decided to make the moon even more impressive, I used a 900 mm lens.  The same effect can work with a setting sun.

Day 7: Felt by all

December 31, 2011

Felt By All


The moon rises above the Earth,

Watching us quietly,

And unobtrusively,

Yet its influence is felt by all.