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Photo Friday: In Honor of Pride Month

June 15, 2018

June is pride month for the LGBTQ community, and Portland lights up the city building in honor of the special month.

Lit for Pride


September 6, 2009

We are less than two months away from November, and one of the most important writers’ events of the year.  I am, of course, talking about “Nanowrimo.”  Nanowrimo, short for “National Novel Writer’s Month”,  was started in 1999 to help aspiring, and experienced novelists, to write a novel in one month.

As someone who had never heard of it until last year, I am still learning about it.  I can honestly say my first attempt last year was a failure.  I only learned of it at the end of October, and had only a couple of days to prepare.  This year I am determined to make it, and I’m starting to prepare now.

If you are new to writing, or want to try writing a novel for the first time, I would recommend learning about it now.  You can go to and find everything about this wonderful event, and sign up to become a member.  It’s free to become an active participant.

The October issue of “Writer’s Digest” has a great write up on the Nanowrimo.  You can get some information before deciding if you want to participate.

Don’t think you have what it takes to write a novel in a month?  Don’t worry about it.  You are under no pressure to write the novel, and have it ready to sell.  This is about the first draft only, so you don’t have to worry about it being perfect.

Don’t worry if you don’t have an idea yet, on page 59 of the same “Writer’s Digest”, there’s a great exercise to help.

I know this is beginning to sound like an infomercial, and I don’t mean for it to, but I’m just excited, and happy to be prepared ahead of time, for once.

Happy writing