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Whacky Wednesday: 2 rules to a peaceful marriage.

February 18, 2015

As someone who has been married for over 20 years, I have been through the best and WORST of times.

On my wedding day my dad told me what he felt were the two rules to a peaceful marriage, and I have them written down above my desk.

Rule 1: The woman is always right

Rule 2: If the woman is ever wrong, see rule 1.

It has been the greatest source of laughter for me in over 20 years.  On those “rare” occasions when my wife really annoys me, I just take one look at that, start laughing, and I’m no longer upset.

Whacky Wednesday: Frustrating Day

February 4, 2015

New computer drove me nuts,

Wife was being a nag,

I never realized technology and marriage could be such a drag.

I fixed all the problems with my new computer,

But the problems with my wife,

I found no way to mute her.

Day 35: I Don’t Regret

January 28, 2012

I Don’t Regret


I don’t regret

Marrying you even though

We’re divorced because

I caught you rocking someone else’s world.


I don’t regret

Working for you even though

I quit because

My paychecks kept bouncing.


I don’t regret

Meeting you even though

We are now enemies because

You took all my money and fled the country.


The only reason I can say

I have very few regrets

Is because the only things I regret

Are the things I never gave a chance.