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Success Sunday: How You Do Anything

March 8, 2015

How You Do Anything

I was listening to a Secret Seminar on Audible, and T. Harv Eker was having the audience stand up.  Some of the people weren’t standing as fast, and he said something that now makes perfect sense to me.  “How you do anything is how you do everything.”

Since my last computer crashed, one of the ways I found to keep me entertained was to add pool on my IPhone, where I can play others online.  I would play 20 or more games in a sitting, and spend most of the time losing, fast.  I would get lucky on some games, but for the most part I would lose, then, a couple of days ago, I remembered that saying, “How you do anything is how you do everything.”  (I know I said it in the first paragraph, but it is worthy of repeating)  I started playing to win, not just to play, and I started winning more often.  The first day I played 10 games, and won 9.  Even when I lose, now, the games are much closer.

I know it may seem silly talking about online billiards when discussing success traits, but there is a lesson to be learned from this.  How I treated these simple games is how I’ve treated everything in my life.  I approach my goals with the attitude of trying to reach them without the effort needed to excel.  It was only when I applied a little effort, and focus that I saw the results I wanted.

In all my successes in the past, and there have been a few, I saw the same effort and focus.  It doesn’t have to be complicated, or strenuous, to bring you to success, but there does have to be effort, focus, and you may have to leave your comfort zone to see the desired results.

I could go on and on with this subject, but instead of boring you with the War and Peace of success, there are just a couple more things in line with “How you do anything is how you do everything” that should be mentioned.  You must be persistent when doing things towards your goal.  You are going to run into temporary defeat, often, but if you are persistent, you will learn from your mistakes, and ultimately reach your goals.

The last thing I should mention is to prioritize your goals.  Life is full of distractions (like my wife, lol) and when you let those distractions get the better of you, you will eventually lose interest in your goals.  Yes, there are bills to pay, and there are chores to perform, but you must make your goals a priority, if you are ever going to succeed.  When you give your dreams the time and attention they deserve, you will be happier, and they will pay off.

My 5 Year Goals

January 10, 2015

autumn rocker 2

As we begin another year, it is time for new goals to strive for, but this year I’m doing something a little different. I have decided to write (Yes I said write) down my 5 year goals that relates directly to my career choice. During my 2014 research, I discovered that one part of the success process that may have slowed my progress towards my goals, to a crawl, was I never committed my goals to writing.
In an attempt to resolve this issue, I spent part of January 7 writing down my career goals. According to the experts, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, and many others, when you make your goals, think big, and be specific.
With all this in mind, here are my five year goals.
By January 1, 2020 I will be making 833,334 dollars, or more, per month. I will do this through writing, photography, music, and videos.
Writing – I will write no less than 600 words each day, and will have articles in photography & nature magazines within one year of this statement.
Photography – I will continue to sharpen my skills with nature photography, and will be a regular contributor in nature magazines within two years of this statement. By January 2020 I will have photographs in National Geographic.
Music – I will be able to perform in front of an audience with my harmonica, and be able to play at any level with confidence.
Videos – I will be posting no less than two videos per week, on both channels, and will have more than 100,000 views daily. I will also have more than 100,000 subscribers on each channel.
These are my 5 year goals officially starting January 7, 2015. If you haven’t seen any of my YouTube channels they are and .
If you are able to, I would greatly appreciate it if you would subscribe to these channels.
Thank you,

2013 accomplishment recap

January 1, 2014

It’s that time of the year again; time to recap some of the highlights of 2013, and make a few plans for 2014.  Since this is my new year blog, I thought it appropriate to post it right at midnight (eastern time US) which is where I am.

In 2013, I had three primary accomplishments that coincidentally, (or not) fell in my three vacations.  In the first vacation I rediscovered my love, and ability, for drawing.  I bought the supplies, and went right to it.  It was great remembering my love for art, and it helped me develop my patience even more.

In my second vacation, I watched the movie The Secret, and started a major research project into success, leadership, and the law of attraction.  I believe this learning is just the tip of the iceberg, and I realize this may be an ongoing project for years to come; but I’m up to the challenge.

Of course this leads me up to my last vacation of the year, last October, where I learned it’s easier to start a business than I realized, and during that week, I started a business account, and a website, which I continue to try drawing business to.

These three accomplishments are the reason I’m calling 2013 “The year of learning”

I am dubbing 2014 “The year of action”.  Obviously I haven’t learned everything I need to in the area of success, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t start putting my current level of learning into action now.  No one ever got rich, or succeeded in helping others with their nose buried in a book, so I will start now in making plans, and putting them in action. Here are just a couple of my goals for 2014.  I have too many to put in this blog.

My first goal is to not only increase the amount of blogs I’m putting out, but I also plan to write a book on “self leadership”.  Next week, I’m going on my first vacation of the year, and I will be mapping out the chapters.

My second goal is to post a lot more videos to Youtube, and increase my subscribers to 100,000, at least.  This will be a part of my wish to leave my current job at Hannaford, and go full time in my passion.

My third goal for 2014 is to get back down to a healthy weight, and regain a physical strength that I used to have.  This is not a resolution, as I don’t believe in them, but a goal that I never give up on.

These are my 2014 goals, and even if I don’t succeed in these the way I think they will, I will never give up on them, and I will make it.

Thank you for your support in 2013.


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That’s Not My Job!!!

December 18, 2013


That’s Not My Job!!!

Anyone who knows me knows that there are four words I never say at work; “That’s not my job.”  I have always believed that when you say that, what you are really saying is “I don’t respect you enough to help you accomplish your objective.”  Another thing you are telling your employer is that you are unwilling to become versatile, and that you are happy with the position you currently hold.  This leaves the question; does that mean that I don’t believe there is ever a time to use that?  The quick answer is “no”.

As with every rule, or guideline, there are exceptions.  I ended up learning this last week, at work.  For those who are new, let me first say that I work overnight stocking shelves at Hannaford.  It’s not a glamorous job, but it keeps the money coming in while I try to get my business going.  In the thirteen years I’ve been working there, I’ve done just about every job that a person at night can come up with.  This includes handling power outages, and being one of only two people left after the rest of the crew got caught doing drugs in the break room.

I’ve had a lot of supervisors in that time, and one of my policies has been to make one promise to each of them.  My promise to the last two supervisors was to maintain the stocking standards by correcting the problems I come across each night.  I made sure nothing was hanging out beyond the shelves, shelves were not stocked too high, and any damages I come across, I remove them.  I realize that this should be the job of every member of the nightcrew, but we’ve had a recent influx of new hires and they haven’t received proper training in maintaining the standards.

What this means for me is that my part of keeping the store in standards, and undamaged product has become an almost solo job, and it’s taking a toll on my performance.  Last week, it got so bad that I had to step back and, as hard as it was, tell myself that if the new supervisor is unwilling to maintain the store’s integrity, then it’s not my job to do it to the detriment of my own performance.

Of course, I will maintain the standards with my own job, and if I see damaged product, I will remove it, but I won’t try to seek it out.  I’ve already talked to the supervisor about training the new employees for this, which now makes it his job to act on that.

I have said all that to say this; “Is there a time to say it’s not my job?”  When it comes making your productivity suffer, the answer is YES!


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Train Your Mind to See Opportunity

November 8, 2013

No End To Opportunity

Here, lately, I’ve been hearing a lot about people who have gone to college, gained experience, and even put their dreams down on paper, only to fail in a big way.  Many of these people blame their failure on the lack of opportunities, in such a poor economy.  They believe that somehow college is their ticket to financial freedom, and all they have to do is wait for the right company to knock down their door.  No offense to educators, but college is hardly a ticket to anything financial, except more debt with student loans.

Colleges are a great place to gain specific knowledge for certain careers, but they don’t teach you how to become wealthy.  If they did, the world would have never heard of great multimillionaires like Bob Proctor who didn’t even make it through his first year in high school; and is one of the greatest personal growth speakers in the world.  He made his wealth through training his mind to become aware of opportunities, and then acting on them.

In the book “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” by T. Harv Eker, he mentions that we live in four worlds; the emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical worlds.  He goes on to say that the physical world is nothing more than a printout of the other three.  In other words, nothing happens in the physical world without it first happening in the other three worlds.

I will try to put this in a different way.  Let’s just say that you dream of becoming the greatest guitarist in the world.  You don’t buy a guitar, take two lessons, then you’re ready to make your fortune.  You first have to focus on what you want to achieve, (begin with the end in mind), then devote your time, and energy into learning, and practicing for hours a day, until you become so good that you don’t have to think about what you’re doing; it just happens.  This is a great point to visualize your end, thereby training your mind to see your dream.

By focusing your mind, spirit, and emotions on your dreams, you are also strengthening your mind to become aware of opportunities in achieving your dream. There is no shortage of opportunities.  The more you train your mind, the more opportunities will present themselves, and the faster you can reach the life you want, and should have.


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A Reflective Moment

November 30, 2012

Welcome back to the blog.  I wish to offer up a new photograph I took two days ago.  This picture was taken at 5:30 in the morning, on my way home from work.  There are two reasons I consider this photograph important.

One is that it was taken with a point and shoot digital elph, and two, there was no tripod used.  I propped my elbows on a wooden fence, used my breathing, and held the shutter button until the shot was completed, so I wouldn’t add any additional shake.

This photograph will always remind me to go for the shots I want regardless of people saying “You can’t do that with a point and shoot”, or “You can’t take night shots without a tripod.

The lesson here?  Go for your dreams, and don’t listen to negativity.

A reflective moment

Day 56: I’m a dreamer

February 18, 2012

I’m A Dreamerr


Growing up

I had a lot of dreams,

And I tried to make them

All happen at once,

But the harder I tried

The more I failed.


I’m older now

And I learned a valuable lesson,

That if you want your dreams

To come true,

Go for smaller goals

That lead up to your big dreams.