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Photo Friday: Modeling Bird

July 28, 2017

This catbird decided to pose for my camera.  They are good singers as well; all night long.

Posing Catbird

Photo Friday: Old Port Festival Time

June 19, 2015

Every year, in June, Portland has their Old Port Festival.  I’ve gone for the past several years since I feel it’s a great time to do street photography.  I also post a video on my YouTube channel, check it out.

I am now going to share my favorite shots here.  I hope you enjoy.




Queen Anne Undressed

April 11, 2012

During it’s blooming season the queen anne’s lace is a cluster of delicate white flowers that look like a lace doily, but after the petals fall off it leaves this interesting pattern  that is a skeleton of what it looked like before.

Day 86: Fight!!!

March 25, 2012



This property was here

Long before you were born,

And will be here long after.

Man will have his beliefs

That you can’t

Take away from him.

Why waste your time

Fighting for

Something you can’t own.

Fight for respect,

The love of your family,

And the fulfillment of your dreams,

For these are truly yours

And worth fighting for.


explanation video

This is the explanation video, It may take a little while before it is up on YouTube, please be patient.

Day 79: Worth Fighting For

March 14, 2012

Worth Fighting For


Separated by countries

Families keeping us apart

Telling us we can’t see each other;

Through all the obstacles

We’ve had to overcome,

There is one truth

I’ve come to know,

Love is worth fighting for.

Day 62: Family Tree

February 24, 2012

Family Tree


As I sit here

Staring at this tree,

I can’t stop thinking

Every family tree

Has a few twisted branches.

Day 21: Welcome Home

January 14, 2012

Welcome Home


The cat bird sings a happy tune,

So foreign yet so familiar.

Welcome home, welcome home

He keeps saying,

To the place you are loved,

To a family that will love you,

To my heart where you

Will always be welcome.