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Solution to the Green Screen of Death.

February 11, 2015


As some of you may know, I bought a new computer last week, featuring Windows 8.1.  For the most part, I have been very satisfied with its performance, and ease of access.  I did have one problem that refused to go away, and my wife was experiencing the same problem.  When we went to videos, and pressed play, we would hear the video, but the screen was completely green.

Over the week, I tried different things to try to resolve the issue, and while I had temporary success, the problem would come back with a vengeance.  After looking up the problem on Google, and finding out that many others are having the same problem, so once I found the solution, I vowed to tell those others what I did in hopes that they would have the same success.

This morning, I found someone who gave an answer, and after trying it had very limited success until I added one last step, and as if by magic, everything works.  Here is what I did to fix it, and I hope you have the same success.

Drag the mouse to the lower left hand corner of the screen to call the Windows icon.  Right click on that.

Click on “Control Panel”.

Click on “Network & Internet”

Click on “Internet Options”

Click on “Advanced”

Under the accelerated graphics, check mark “Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering”

Scroll down to the security section, and check mark “Enable 64-bit processes for enhanced protected mode”

Click “Apply”

Click “OK”

Here’s the part the person left off that completes the process.  Restart the computer.

After all this, I checked every video site and they all work.

I hope this helped, and please share this so that others with the same problem can find peace of mind; or at least stop their wife’s nagging about fixing her computer. (Yes, this happened to me.)


Whacky Wednesday: Frustrating Day

February 4, 2015

New computer drove me nuts,

Wife was being a nag,

I never realized technology and marriage could be such a drag.

I fixed all the problems with my new computer,

But the problems with my wife,

I found no way to mute her.

Don’t trust the grammar check.

April 17, 2009

After writing my last blog, I hit the spelling and grammar check, and started looking at the suggestions.  That’s when a strange thought hit me.  How much should I trust the computer’s grammar check?

I remember in high school, when we wanted to write an essay, we had to go to the library for research, use a typewriter (do you still remember those?), and use dictionaries for spelling, and grammar books to check our style.  Now, however, everything is automated.  You can do research, write an essay, e-mail your friends, and check spelling and grammar, all on the computer; sometimes in that order.

As I go through the grammar check, I will read the highlighted section aloud.  I will even go so far to say I read some passages three or four different ways to see if I agree.  If I do, I hit the change button.  If I don’t agree, I hit ignore.  Unfortunately, many kids are taught to trust computers so much, that they second-guess their own instincts, and allow the computer to do all the thinking.

As most writers know, writing isn’t always about following the rules, which is what the computers use to base their grammar checks.  Sometimes you have to break a few rules to make writing communicate the right thing, the right way.  Writing, as a way to communicate your ideas, and opinions, is very personal; you have to make it your own.  Choosing the right way to say something will have an impact on how someone else hears it.

The Point of this is, don’t rely so much on the computer’s interpretation of your writing, you may just lose the impact of your message in your writing.

Challenge: If you use the grammar check on your computer, test its suggestions by reading the sections aloud, and more than one way, to make sure it sticks to your meaning.