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First Look Photo: Gearing Up

November 29, 2017

Portland’s holiday season is gearing up with lights.

Gearing Up for Christmas

Photo Friday: Daily Photo Challenge

December 2, 2016

The way I figure it, if I wish to maximize my photography practice, I need to come up with daily photo challenges.  For my blogs I will pick the best of the week for both days.

I started my first challenge yesterday, and one last night for challenge 2.  The second challenge was better so here it is.  In this challenge I had to do something creative with Christmas lights.  I took a wine glass I used for an earlier school assignment, and positioned the lights at a distance behind it.  I call the piece “Sparkling”.


If you have any ideas for fun photo challenges, let me know.  I will write them down.

Better Christmas Photo

December 10, 2012

I took this picture to replace the shot I got before.  The problem with the earlier version is that it has nothing to do with Christmas.  It’s just the top of the candle with blurry lights.

What I really wanted was a picture that at least had the feel of Christmas to it.  Of course, I didn’t want to over do the picture, so I kept the props to a minimum; just red berries, and pine.  I used a small slave flash for the lighting, but the first few shots were blown out.  In the end, I had to bounce the flash off the wall, then darken a little in Photoshop.

I hope you all enjoy it.

Christmas 2012 2

Combined Techniques for Christmas photo.

December 5, 2012

Christmas 2012

In this shot, I combined bokeh, and light painting to give the effect that the candle puts out Christmas colors.  I will probably add words later.  I hope you like it, let me know.

The Christmas spirit and a new years resolution

December 26, 2008

I have always loved the meaning of Christmas, and I could never get into the  commercialism of the season.  Working two retail jobs I have one solid month of pure insanity where I’m either dealing with irate customers, or trying to play catch up with all the video transfers that people require before Christmas, or their holiday season will be ruined.
Let me say that as far as work is concerned, I am relieved that Christmas is over.  I think I just got tired of people complaining over nothing important, and hearing about the things that make this time of the year stressful, instead of happy.  As far as the real meaning of Christmas, I can never get enough of that.  People giving of their time, talents, and hearts should be year round instead of one time a year.
Instead of making weight loss your new year resolution, or saving more money so you can buy another car to sit in the garage, which no one ever keeps anyway.  While weight loss and saving money are both important to your physical and financial health, they are both one sided, and only benefit one person.
Try making a resolution to do something nice, and helpful for someone else.  When I say do something nice and helpful, I’m not talking about giving money to charity, although if you have the money, you should feel free.  The kind of help I’m thinking of involves the simple things that make life just a little more bearable for someone who’s having a bad day.  Things like making irate customers laugh, or helping someone short reach something higher.  If you are doing something that makes a person’s day a little brighter without expecting some kind of payback, that is what the Christmas spirit is all about, and it’s the kind of thing that should continue throughout the year.
To all those who believe that a late order can ruin their Christmas, lighten up.  You need to reevaluate your priorities with Christmas.


A wakeup call for Christmas

December 1, 2008

Last Friday, an employee from Wal-mart was trampled to death.  This incident has raised a very important question.  What has happened to Christmas?
No matter how you twist the truth, regardless of your beliefs, Christmas was started to celebrate the birth of Christ.  God gave the greatest gift, the gift of himself to save the world, and this was the inspiration for Saint Nicholas, a monk who lived centuries ago. He gave to the kids toys he made himself, a gift of his own talent.  He didn’t go to Wal-mart and trample someone to beat everyone else to an item that they probably didn’t want anyway.
People need to wake up and see that all these stores are not their friend, they don’t care about you, just your money, and they are using Christmas as an excuse to take your money.
A Christmas tradition I started in high school is that every year the gifts I give have to be creative, something I used my talents for, and cost me no more that 25.00 all together.  The first year I did this, I wrote a Christmas poem, bought an eight dollar box of cards and slipped a poem into each one.  People loved it, and all it cost me was eight dollars and a little time and effort.  The best part is no one died in the process.
The gift of your talent is something unique, appreciated, and something that everyone can afford to give regardless of the economy, and false sales.  Remember, a gift of the heart and talent can’t be returned, and it’s not easily blown off.  Christmas is all about giving something of yourself, and not of Macy’s, and that is the true meaning of Christmas.