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First Look Photo: Dragons Among Us

August 15, 2018

I love the pattern on this dragonfly’s wing.

Bug Eyes

Photo Friday: Exposure Exposed

July 15, 2016

Photography, like any art, is not a series of rules.  It is a series of guidelines.  The biggest of these involves what is thought of as correct exposure.  Exposure is important, especially in documentation, however, using it creatively can have very interesting results.

Today’s  photo is such an example.  The intentional over exposure of the image gives the picture a dreamy appearance, while still being a beautiful photograph of a queen anne’s lace.

Dreamy Queen

Day 12: The early morning sunrise

January 5, 2012

The early morning sunrise


The early morning sunrise

Has a beauty all its own,

As the red dances

Through the clouds.


A vision of beauty

Created for inspiration,

To begin a new

And joyous day.


God’s own gentle

Loving reminder

That life is always beginning,

And will never end.