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First Look Photo: Shooting Bugles

May 31, 2017

This week I found a flower I’ve never seen.  It was tiny, purple, and clustered.  I did the usual research and found nothing in the books.  I finally found it on the internet.  It’s a flower called a blue bugle, and it grows wild in England and Ireland, but seems to enjoy the atmosphere of Maine.

Common Bugle 1

Photo Friday: Dramatic Cloud Formations

March 24, 2017

I think I’ve said it before, but I love cloud formations.  In a recent unit in my school they talked about stockpiling images of clouds for use as backgrounds of architecture photography, if the sky is uneventful.  This is what today’s shot is for.

Clouds 2

First Look Photo: Moving Forward

December 14, 2016

I’ve never made it a secret that my eventual goal is to be a photographer for National Geographic, however they’re not going to knock down my door with offers if they don’t know I exist, so there has to be some steps taken to get my name out there.  I will never stop with the nature photography, but I also need to get other types of photography in there, if only to teach me some valuable lessons in lighting and composition.

My first step is product photography.  It’s a good market to step into, and it could possibly serve to pay me in the end.

Today’s photo is one of those shots.  It is one of my wife’s go to products, and I thought it would be great photographed in my light tent.


Yes, I know I forgot to remove the fur on top.  lol

Photo Friday: The Last Heron

November 11, 2016

Every Spring we get a visit from migrating herons and egrets, which I enjoy photographing.  These beautiful birds stay through the Summer, and head back South during the Fall, when the weather gets colder.

This week I had the privilege of seeing, what I believe, to be the last hold out, before it leaves for warmer climates.  I left space to convey its lonely state, and the rocks to provide a little balance.  I also love the way the ripples played with its reflection.


First Look Photo: Bird on a Wire

October 5, 2016

If Maine has a lot of anything, it would be blue jays.  They are everywhere, and they are very noisy, especially when you are trying to avoid waking up.  Beyond those annoyances, they are beautiful, and fun to photograph when they sit still long enough to get the camera to the eye.

This is the shot I got of one the other day.


First Look Photo: Seeing Blue

September 14, 2016

Every year, around the beginning of Fall, the blue herons gather in different areas before heading south. This year, we were blessed with 4 herons congregating in Mill Cove.  They are the largest wading bird, and very beautiful, so I got a few shots, like today’s shot.


Photo Friday: Color Me Puzzled

April 17, 2015

When I was in first grade, I had a 24 day flu.  During the recovery I had a lot of time to watch tv, and do a ton of puzzles.  Since 1976, when I received my first camera, I have tried to take pictures that were not only beautiful, but could be made into challenging puzzles.  I tried contacting Milton Bradley, but they told me they only use photos taken by employees.  What that means is that I am now sitting on thousands of photos that can be used as good puzzles, until I get the right idea how to proceed.

Today’s photograph is one such picture I took this week, as the backdrop for my new phone.  I didn’t realize my phone takes full size, high resolution, pictures, and once I saw it I knew this would be the most challenging puzzle picture I have taken, to date.

I hope you all enjoy it.


Photo Friday, On Thursday

January 22, 2015

Starting tomorrow, I was planning on starting something called Photo Friday.  Unfortunately, we will not have the internet starting tonight, for a few days, so I have chosen a picture I took last summer that I thought you would all like, of the Portland, Maine skyline with queen anne’s lace in the foreground, during sunset.  I hope you enjoy.  I hope to be back online shortly.

queen anne lace

Day 15: The path

January 8, 2012

The path


Life is a stone path

Through a flower garden.

As you walk, you will see

Many beautiful flowers.

You are so taken in by the beauty

That you don’t notice the weeds

Between the stones,

And you stumble only

To pick yourself up and continue.

You stumble many more times

Before you learn to watch

The path as you walk,

And then stop to look at the flowers.

Blue lightning of December

December 14, 2008

On Friday, at about one in the morning, I was at work at Hannaford, stocking shelves.  The freezing rain storm had been going on since Thursday afternoon, and the weight of the ice on trees, and power lines was starting to take it’s toll.  Just after 1 the lights flickered about three times, and then they went entirely.  Of course the generator kicked in, but all we had was lights.
With no phones, the supervisor got on his cell phone and started making calls to managers, and trucking to get us trailers for the perishables.  In the mean time, there were two of us covering meat cases, and other cold shelf areas.   After the meat department was covered the three of us took a break outside to watch the storm.
There are some things that people don’t see during the day, and while we were standing out side, I saw a blue flash in the sky.  One of the guys suggested it was one of the emergency vehicles, but those are red.  Suddenly I saw another, then another, and so it kept going while we were standing there.  The flashes were going off so much, all I could think of was blue lightning.  Of course, power was failing everywhere.  New England has some serious ice storms, and in Maine this one left 16,000 people without power.
With our break over, we went back in and took care of everything else. About two in the morning help started to arrive and by six we had the cooler shelves emptied and  three trailers filled with meat, deli, produce, and dairy products.  This is an excellent example of cooperation and teamwork.
The power didn’t come back until 4:30 in the afternoon.  Trees were down, or split, and some even ended up in living rooms.
Some of you may ask, “What was the blue lightning?”  When power transformers explode they produce a blue light which reflects off the clouds, and resembles lightning flashes.