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First Look Photo: Lilies and Dragonflies

June 27, 2018

A dragonfly enjoys a nice rest on a lily pad.

Dragonfly and waterlily

First Look Photo: Blooming Thistle

August 16, 2017

This is the time of the year when thistles become really beautiful.

Blooming Thistle

Photo Friday: First Bloom

April 14, 2017

This flower is the first one I’ve seen blooming this spring.  This is another great reminder that Spring has finally arrived in Maine.

First Bloom

Day 11: The desert bloom

January 4, 2012

The Desert Bloom


The desert bloom

Is as delicate as a hummingbird

Yet it strong enough to

Withstand an hot and arid landscape.

It is a source of hope

Where hope seems lost.


The desert bloom

Displays the radiant colors

Of the rainbow

Where hardly a drop of rain

Ever falls.


The petals of the desert bloom

Reach for the warmth of the desert sun

As the arms of a child

Reach for the warmth of a mother’s love.


The desert bloom

Is a gift of life from God

To a seemingly lifeless world.