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Day 71: All the Same

March 5, 2012

All the Same


One is for protection,

The other carries the seed;

One provides shelter,

The other provides food;

They both have

Very different purposes,

But they are both

Part of the same plant,

And  that makes them

Both of equal value.

Day 14: For all to see

January 7, 2012

For All To See


Her beauty’s in the eyes of deer,

Maple leaves on the ground.


Her song is carried everywhere

By birds from all around.


Her thoughts are carried by the wind

Through every rock and tree.


We’ll always think of nature,

She’s there for all to see.

Day 7: Felt by all

December 31, 2011

Felt By All


The moon rises above the Earth,

Watching us quietly,

And unobtrusively,

Yet its influence is felt by all.