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Photo Friday: A Day at the Beach

March 25, 2016

Coming from a land locked state, like Colorado, I didn’t grow up with the opportunity to head to the beach anytime I wanted; so when I moved to Maine in 1998, the first place I headed was to the nearest beach I could find.

Spending the last 17 years within one block of the nearest Beach, I head out there as often as possible, and I never grow tired of the new and various things I find that attract my mind.  This last Tuesday I even saw a loon for the first time in my life.

Here are some of the photographs I took on this trip.

Photo Friday: All About the Birds

March 18, 2016

Here’s three new shots I took on my walks.  Birds make great subjects.

Cardinal Flying Cat bird close upBlack hooded chickadee

Foto Friday: Birds are everywhere.

March 11, 2016

It goes without mention that birds can be found everywhere; from the highest mountain, to the ocean.  Some are colorful, and some, not so much.  No matter where they are, and what they look like, they can all be counted on to look good for the camera.

This week, I have three different shots of birds that posed beautifully.  These shots are of a seagull, merganser, and a cat bird.

Sleeping Merganser.jpg

Cat Bird on a Wire.jpg

Seagull Flyby.jpg

Photo Friday: Flight of the Raptor

March 4, 2016


I took this shot, yesterday, while walking to my favorite park, Hinkley.  Because of missing a shot two days before, of a bald eagle, I had my camera turned on, and the cap off.  It really pays to be ready for anything with a camera.

I later identified this bird as a red tailed hawk.