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New YouTube Channel Needs Sponsors

November 11, 2014

what comes natural

This blog is a little off from my usual blogs. I have started a new YouTube photography channel. The name of the channel is Naturally Photographic, and I am designing it to teach basic photography to beginners, from the perspective of an outdoor photographer.
I know there are a lot of channels that teach photography, and each one uses a different method. Photography will always be photography, but being an art form, the way people approach it is very personal. After 38 years of taking photographs, and growing up around nature, I believe I can offer beginners a unique perspective without a static setting.
If you would like to see this new channel, I will now supply the link.
If today’s blog was only announcing my new channel, I would have just put a link, and said “check out my new YouTube channel!” But it does have a real purpose. Having a channel on Youtube is free, and so is posting videos, however, to post quality videos is going to take new equipment, for example, a good computer, with real editing software.
I’m not looking for individuals to send me money; I would never do that. I am hoping that I can find companies who would be willing to sponsor my videos on the new channel. What I’m asking for will cover equipment, promotion, and living expenses so I can devote a proper amount of time to making the best videos possible.
In return for this, I am willing to offer mentions in videos, their descriptions, as well as the company name on the channel itself. If you are a company who would like to sponsor my videos, please let me know by e-mail to and put “Business” in the subject line.
I look forward to hearing from you.