Trust Your Own Instincts

tube trouble

I know it’s been a while, but it doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about the WordPress community.

Here’s something I felt I should share. There is a little humor in the situation, but there is also a lesson in it, as well.

As most of you know, I work nights, and I have been going to the gym since June. After a full night of work, and working out, I made it home, in a fairly good mood. With such a schedule, it doesn’t take long to crash, so right before going to bed, I went to the bathroom. After flushing the toilette, I noticed an unusual amount of water coming out of the top of the back. It was enough to cause a little flood, so I put some towels down and pulled the top off. A little testing, and loss of sleep later, I found the problem; the tube leading to the overflow valve had come loose, and wouldn’t go back. I knew a trip to the hardware store was needed, to buy a new tube, but I also needed my sleep, so I gave it a quick mend with some electrical tape.

I made it to the hardware store, bought the tube, and headed home. In the parking lot of our building, I met up with one of my neighbors. He walks with a walker, and used to be a plumber. When I explained the problem I was having, he said, “A new tube won’t help, your problem is in the floater ball.” After trying to convince me that I needed to buy a new floater ball, we both went in and I took the elevator up, to repair my toilette. As I approached my place, I couldn’t help thinking how I appreciated his advice, but how can I trust the advice of someone who has never taken the time to look at the toilette. Even doctors wouldn’t make a diagnosis over the phone, without ever seeing the patient.

The repair took me two minutes, and four tests, which ended up a huge success. This taught me two things. One, even experts can make mistakes, and two, when you are certain of your answers, don’t let someone else make you doubt your instincts. When you have done all the work of looking over the problem, and coming up with a solution, trust your own instinct, it’s the only expert you will need.


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