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Teaching Without Words

June 25, 2014


The use of words is at the very core of most communication. We speak them, we hear them, we read them, and we write them, but let’s face it, not everyone can use them very well. In my own writing, I prefer a much more conversational tone, trying to write in a way everyone understands. Even though words are very important in conveying ideas, there are other ways to get certain ideas across.
I was recently listening to a program by Bob Proctor, in which he was saying that the mind does not see in words; it sees in pictures. When you hear the word candle, you don’t picture the word “candle”, your mind produces a picture of a candle. Paintings, and photographs, can convey not just an idea, but it can convey emotions, beauty, and action.
As humans, we are almost unlimited in the ways we can choose to communicate; so why do we place words so high above all other forms of communication. We can learn just as much about others viewpoints, and beliefs, through paintings, music, and photography, as we can from words. For those who have read my blogs in the past, you know how I have a problem with people trying to push the arts out of the school system. If you will permit me to use my little soap box briefly, without the arts we have no communication; without communication we have no relationships; without relationships we have no marriage, business, or even a future of any kind. We need the arts, plain and simple.
When we picture teachers, we think about a man, or woman, standing in front of a group of people, talking about something they themselves learned in books, or personal experience; but what about when you need to learn something at work, that you’re having trouble with. You don’t always need to have someone stand in front of you, and explain it. In many cases, you just need to watch them, and practice what they do. We sometimes learn better from actions, than words.
Since this is a blog, and I don’t want to lose focus, I will bring you one more important type of wordless communication, which is too often overlooked. When I was younger, I had seen a movie called Super Christian. The premise of this movie was that there are people who call themselves Christians, and once a week, they personify the perfect Christian, but the rest of the week, they are anything but. Regardless what you teach, or profess, those who are observant will be able to see the truth in your body language. Body language, to those who pay attention will either be proof of your hypocrisy, or a testament of your beliefs.
Not everyone can be a speaker; and not everyone can be a writer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t teach. There are many ways to communicate, and only a small percentage uses words. It doesn’t matter if you’re good with words, or not, you have it within yourself to say what needs to be said without them.

The Danger of “Just One More”

June 20, 2014

just one more

I think it can honestly be said my reign as king of procrastination is going strong. For just over a year I have been studying success books, audio programs, and videos, but there is a huge difference between studying something, and putting it into action.
A couple of months ago I signed up for Netflix for entertainment; what a mistake that turned out to be. It started innocent enough. I watched a couple of movies, and then a couple of television shows I haven’t seen for years. This turned into marathons of what I missed, and before I knew it, I had fallen into the “just one more” trap. This particular trap has been the ruin of more would be millionaires than any other trap.
For those who don’t understand how this works, I will say it’s very sneaky, and will hit you before you realize it’s got you. As an example, I’ll tell you what’s been going on with me. This is not to run myself down, but it is to show you some dangers to watch out for.
Let me preface this with the fact that I literally grew up in front of the television. I was born two months before the original Star Trek was aired; not that this has any bearing on my viewing frequency, but it is one of the shows that has been taking some of my time on Netflix.
It always starts innocent enough. I just wanted to watch an episode of a show, to see if I would enjoy it, then they leave me with a question, so I want to watch the next episode to see how they will answer the question. Sometimes they answer it in the next episode, or they will leave it for another episode, but by this time, the damage is done. By the time I finish each episode, I tell myself, “just one more.” I may have plans for doing something towards my goals, or some job I wanted to accomplish for the day, but by the end of my day, I realize all I’ve done was sit at my computer, and get sucked into another episode, which has nothing to do with my dreams. Inevitably, I feel bad about wasting my time, so I try to comfort myself with, you may have guessed it, a movie. This will turn into other movies, and further waists of time. If it wasn’t for my job, and my wife, I could probably waste my entire life just watching movies, and TV shows until I either die, or become homeless; whichever comes first.
All this leaves me with one important question; have I wasted my life? I certainly don’t think so. I am a firm believer that it’s up to me to determine whether something is a failure, or an opportunity to learn.
Am I learning something from this? Without a doubt. Will I tell you the specific lesson I learned from this? No, and there are two reasons. One, the lesson I learned is based on my dreams, and goals. Second, I still have lessons to learn from this, and I won’t feel comfortable sharing something I still don’t have straight in my own head.

We all have a tendency to allow things in our lives that will slow us down, stop us, or reverse our progress towards our goals. There is no point in feeling bad about ourselves, or allowing them to stop us entirely. If we ever want to reach our dreams, we just have to learn from negative situations, and use what we learn to make us stronger.