The Benefits of Zentangle

Over the past couple of days, I’ve been working on a different form of art.  It’s primarily used to focus, and free the mind to create.  As I understand it there are only two rules.  One, it’s supposed to have some kind of border (it’s your choice what border)  and the second rule is there will be no erasing.

I understand the meditative qualities, but I also discovered a great feature for artists.  Zentangle contains all the patterns that beginning artists (myself) are supposed to learn, and advanced artist are always practicing.  The  book I’ve been learning from talks about drawing circles, lines, and dots constantly to learn how to draw with control, zentangle just gives me a chance to have fun doing it.

Here are a few zentangle I worked on in two days.

zentangle 2 zentangle 3 zentangle 4

I hope you all enjoy them.


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2 Responses to “The Benefits of Zentangle”

  1. Eric Alagan Says:

    It must have been time consuming – and looks hypnotic

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