Still Practicing!

My wife, the other day was talking to my mom, and she had me cracking up.  What she said was, “did you know your son is drawing naked women?”  Keep in mind, my mom has been an artist her whole life, and of course my wife’s announcement came as no surprise.  We both had to tell my wife that in order to learn the human form, you have to practice drawing people, both clothed and nude.

On that note, my goal of being able to draw anything with confidence by July 3rd is well on it’s way.  This will make way for my goal of doing a beautiful painting by December 31st.  Most of the drawings I’m doing right now are from photos I’ve taken, but there are other photos I get from books, and the internet.  According to my plans, I will be able to draw a person sitting in front of me by May; of course that is just an estimate, and not set in stone.

Here is a drawing today, in an hour and a half.

horsing around

I did this for one of the guys at work, who works with horses.

I hope you enjoy it.


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