Don’t Blame the Camera!

This morning, on Facebook, I read a post that got me thinking.  When you meet an author you admire, you don’t say, “I love your writing, you must have a great word processor.”  When you meet a painter, you don’t ask, “Beautiful painting, what paint brushes do you use?”  Here’s a great example, in a nice restaurant, where you really enjoy the cuisine, you don’t pay compliments to the stove.

With most artists, people are awed by the artist’s creativity, and know how; so why are photographers always complimented on the camera they use.  I can’t count the amount of times someone has looked at my photographs, and said “You must have a great camera.”  They just don’t realize the amount of work that goes into the art of photography, or the creativity it takes to overcome obstacles in order to get that one “perfect” moment.

Before I get carried away (and on this subject I can) let me just say; it doesn’t matter what camera you use, or how much equipment you have.  All that matters is that you learn how to handle your equipment, and that you know what you want to say with your pictures.

With that said, here is a special picture I took on my last street photography session in Portland.  I call this one “The Birdman of Portland”

birrdman 3

If you notice, this man is not homeless; he is just retired, and his greatest pleasure is coming out daily to give the birds a loaf of bread.  He told me that he was fined 50 dollars for this activity, but it was worth it.  I even had one of the birds land on my camera case which gave us both a laugh.

I hope you enjoy the picture.


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4 Responses to “Don’t Blame the Camera!”

  1. notes to the milkman Says:

    I used to go regularly to the local photographic club and sometimes would chip in,when I thought it appropriate, with “I wonder what kind of chisels Michelangelo used?”

  2. Eric Alagan Says:

    Oh, so that is why I write such poor stories – I have been using the wrong pencil!

    LOL. Yes, when it comes to photographers/photos – that is what people say, or rather ask – what camera do you use? It is more a reflection of their ignorance — I reckon.

  3. apb148 Says:

    It’s true; all creativity comes from tools. lol
    I’ve come to the point of just laughing at the question, then tell them it;’s a 10,000 dollar Hasselblad.

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