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Day 67: Because You Love Me

February 29, 2012

Because You Love Me


Because you love me

I look forward to each new day;

Because you love me

I don’t care what others say.

Your love gives me strength

Your love makes a difference,

Your love helps me love others

Your love gives me confidence.

Because you love me

There is no obstruction I can’t overcome

Because you love me

When I’m with you I’m home.

Day 66: Something so Delicate

February 28, 2012

Something so Delicate


Going through life

Living with hardship,

It’s nice to know

That in the roughest

Times in your life

You can still find

Something so delicate.

Day 65: Losing Detail

February 27, 2012

Losing Detail


As the day grows old

And the sun prepares to set,

All I see are shapes

That once held so much detail.


I want to thank all of you who continue to like my poems, and photographs.

Day 64: The Drama of Clouds

February 26, 2012

The Drama of Clouds


Many people would say they’re boring,

I call them exciting,

Many people would call them sad,

I call them fun,

Many say they look dead,

I say without them we couldn’t have life.

Without them we don’t

Have rain or snow,

And no matter how many times you look at them

You will never see the same one twice.

Without them,

We wouldn’t have vibrant lightning storms,

This is why I say

When you see clouds approaching

Don’t be depressed,

Appreciate the drama unfolding before you.

Day 63: Pieces of My Past

February 25, 2012

Pieces of My Past


That which I hold in my hand

That which I see with my eyes

That which I create with my mind

Are all pieces of my past;

For the events on the news

To the things I made on my own,

They are parts of a puzzle

That are pieces of my past.

Day 62: Family Tree

February 24, 2012

Family Tree


As I sit here

Staring at this tree,

I can’t stop thinking

Every family tree

Has a few twisted branches.

Day 61: Splash of Color

February 23, 2012

Splash of Color


In this world of Winter

When things look black and white,

I wish I could see a splash of color

And make everything alright.

Day 60: New Heights

February 22, 2012

New Heights


I watched the birds flying

And I wanted to fly with them,

I tried to approach them

To ask how they did it

But they flew away.

Then, as I sat on a rock

Trying to figure out what I did wrong

I felt myself being lifted.

I looked up

And the birds were carrying me

To heights I never imagined possible.

Day 59: Through the wall

February 21, 2012

Through the Wall


I see a garden

At the end of a stone path

And I long to breath in

The aroma of those enticing flowers;

But no matter how many times

I circle the surrounding wall

I find no entrance.

Day 58: Creative Cascade

February 20, 2012

Creative Cascade


What started as a trickle

Was soon joined by other trickles

Until gravity pulled it

Along in a stream of conscious thought.

Continuing on

It is influenced by other streams,

Gaining strength and power

Until it cascades down

In a torrent of energetic passion

Into the pool of innovation

Where a man quenches his thirst

And is inspired.