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Day 38: Water Lilies

January 31, 2012

Water Lilies


Peaceful on Water

Water lilies rest quiet

Ready to inspire.



I want to thank all of you who have been liking my videos.

Day 37: Mother & Child

January 30, 2012

Mother & Child


It is a bond of love

That starts from the day we’re born,

At times it’s a bond of hate

As we try to gain independence.

We rebel

Thinking we have all the answers;

But no matter how much we struggle in life

Going through the pain of living,

It is the bond between mother and child

That will carry us through.




Day 36: Marking Time

January 29, 2012

Marking Time


The clock ticked loudly

Marking time there on the wall,

Killing peaceful sleep.

Day 35: I Don’t Regret

January 28, 2012

I Don’t Regret


I don’t regret

Marrying you even though

We’re divorced because

I caught you rocking someone else’s world.


I don’t regret

Working for you even though

I quit because

My paychecks kept bouncing.


I don’t regret

Meeting you even though

We are now enemies because

You took all my money and fled the country.


The only reason I can say

I have very few regrets

Is because the only things I regret

Are the things I never gave a chance.

Day 34: Emergence

January 27, 2012



I hold myself back

From reaching my potential,

Limited by the fears

Of disappointment and failure.

I long to break free of my cocoon,

Spun with a silk

Made of society rules

And stereotypes.

This cocoon is hard to break through

And very limiting,

But when I do emerge

I can let my creativity

Dance limitless through the sky.

Day 33: Thoughts From A Park Bench

January 26, 2012

Thoughts From a Park Bench


I work at a store

I work in my home,

I want rest.


I give all to my job

I give all to my wife,

I want rest.


I am on my feet

Standing all day long,

I want to sit.


To walk through the park

Find a bench with a view,

I want to sit.


To enjoy the view of the bay

Sitting on a park bench,

That’s all I ask,

I don’t want too much.

Day 32: Everything Has A Purpose

January 25, 2012

Everything Has a Purpose

(A train of thought poem)


I watch as the mosquito lands on my arm,

And wonder why it exists.

It isn’t for companionship,

Or to make a great meal for me.

Maybe it’s just to feed dragonflies,

But why do they bite people?

Maybe their purpose is to hurt us,

But not everyone gets hurt.

So maybe it’s to help us,

But how?

Then it hits me,

They help by taking bacteria from one host,

And giving it to another,

Helping that person’s immunity to disease.

So, it’s true,

Everything has a purpose.

Day 31: My Own Person

January 24, 2012

My own Person


I stand alone,

In the middle of the crowd.

I do my own thing,

We do things for others.

I decide for myself,

We follow the rules.

I am an individual,

We are members of a group.

Each one of us is unique,

Yet we are all still members

Of the human race.

Day 30: The Stream

January 23, 2012

The stream


The stream passes peacefully

Over the rocks,

Providing water for the weary

And life to the plants it passes,

Before finally joining

The river on its journey

To the sea.

Day 29: The ultimate treat

January 22, 2012

The Ultimate Treat


I went to the store

Without eating dinner,

Then I saw a treat

That once purchased

Makes me a culinary sinner.


It’s creamy it’s smooth

It’s usually full of fat,

It can be quite expensive,

But the taste makes me smile

Like a Cheshire cat.


You should not go shopping

When your stomach is empty,

Because that is the time

The dairy department

Is there just to tempt me.


You know what I’m saying

Only one thing will please,

Of course I’m saying




This poem is just meant to be fun, and topic came from Amanda Branning in Tennessee.