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Day 7: Felt by all

December 31, 2011

Felt By All


The moon rises above the Earth,

Watching us quietly,

And unobtrusively,

Yet its influence is felt by all.

Day 6: When you find me

December 30, 2011

When you find me


When you find me

I’ll be waiting,

Resting beneath

The acorn tree.


You can’t come now

I understand,

It’s not the time

To be with me.


Please be patient

And please don’t rush,

I’ll stay right here

Till you find me.



Don’t forget to see the video of this poem, and an explanation of how I came up with it at

Day 5: I wished it would be you

December 29, 2011

I wished it would be you



I saw you across the room

With that lovely smile and,

I wished it would be you.


I heard you laugh a genuine laugh

And saw the sparkle in your eye,

I wished it would be you.


I was searching for a girl who

Could give me confidence to reach my dreams,

I wished it would be you.


You dropped his hand

To come with me,

I knew it would be you.

Day 4: Random Raving

December 28, 2011


it was a pen, not a pencil, but you get the point.

I searched through my writing books

To find just the right topic,

But all the inspiration I got

Was super microscopic.

One book said to get

Reacquainted with my pencils,

But I have a hard time getting

Emotional over utensils.

So now I write these words,

And arrange them into verse,

And when it’s time for a video

I may not even rehearse.

I know these words are silly,

I know they don’t mean a thing,

But if the beat should strike a chord

Just tap your toes and sing.

I appreciate your listening

To my ranting and my raving,

But I think this poem should end now

Before I do what I am craving.

Allen Bradford

Day 3: It’s My Choice

December 27, 2011



A new world war has begun

From the death of thousands,

The world mourns their passing,

But happiness is a choice.

Another politician

Slings mud at his rival

Compromising principles,

But happiness is a choice.

The economy’s in shambles,

And I just lost my job;

I’m three months behind on rent,

And happiness is my choice.

Your world is out of control

With things you cannot change,

Control only what you can,

Let happiness be your choice.

Allen Bradford

Day 2: Quiet Moments

December 26, 2011

Quiet moments

Quiet moments

Are shells on a beach;

Something beautiful

Something delicate

Something to be savored,

For as quickly as it is left

For our pleasure,

It will be carried away

By the waves.

Day 1: The Ultimate Gift

December 25, 2011


This was taken for the poem


The ultimate gift

Can’t be returned,

Or get stuffed in the

Back of a drawer.


The ultimate gift

Won’t end in trash,

It won’t be misplaced

Or forgotten.


The ultimate gift

Comes from the heart,

It can’t be copied

It can’t be faked.


It gives your time

And inventiveness,

That’s why it is

The ultimate gift.



Allen Bradford

Announcement: The year in poetry!!!

December 4, 2011

For those of you who don’t watch my videos on let me first say, “Shame on you!”  Just kidding, but it would be nice to see your views.

I recently posted a video titled “One year of poetry!!!”  This video introduces a project I will be doing starting on Christmas day, this year, and ending Christmas day 2012.  Every single day, for the entire year, I will come up with a poem, post a video of the poem, and put it on my blog.  Some of these poems will be accompanied by a fitting photograph.

I am starting this project for two reasons.  The first reason is to give me a reason to practice my writing every day, with no chance of an excuse.  The second reason is to promote creative writing to those who want to write, but don’t think they have the time.  The poems I come up with will be freestyle, and the topics will be all over the place, especially since I’m looking to have others give me a lot of the topics.

This brings me up to the other point of this announcement.  If you are reading this, and have any topics I can use; and give you a shout out when I use it; let me know in the comments.  The only request I have is you keep the topics clean, and family friendly.  If you can’t give me a topic, please spread the word about the project.  I would love the idea of this project inspiring others to work on their own creative writing projects.

Whether you can help by topics, or promotion, let me know so I can thank you as it deserves.  Thank you for your help, and I hope you will watch the videos.