Resolution vs. goal

Last year, I posted a blog, and a video, on my 12 goals of 2009.  Out of the 12, I have achieved eight.  Every January, I hear the same question, “What is the difference between a goal, and a resolution?” For those who are still confused, here it is.

A resolution is a promise that you make to yourself right now.  Usually, a resolution is made half heartedly, it’s always short term, and it’s of something you should be doing anyway.  Prime examples would be, losing weight, saving more money, paying bills, and working harder.

In contrast, a goal is a promise to yourself, which will bring you to your dreams.  It is never made half heartedly, and is always long term.  Some goals may be finished within the year, but if they aren’t you can still continue trying to achieve them.

As an example, I will share some of mine.  My ultimate dream is to become a full time writer, and photographer.  Some of my goals from last year are:

1) Organize my time to include more writing.

2) Get at least one article written and submitted.

3) Take more photographs for my stock.

4) Write blogs that send a good message, and get more views.

6) Learn how to make quality videos.

8) Start making 100 dollars per week with writing and photography.

Not all of these have happened yet, but out of 12 goals, I have achieved eight.  The other four, I will continue working for. (to see a complete list of goals, read my blog from January first 2009.

As you can see, my goals are not the end result of writing full time, but they are steps, that once achieved, will be maintained until the ultimate dream is reached.

This, to me is the biggest difference between the two; resolutions are cosmetic quick fixes, while goals are a deeper, and more meaningful, step to something greater.  I hope this helps answer the question of why I don’t make resolutions, but I do make goals.



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11 Responses to “Resolution vs. goal”

  1. pharmacy technician Says:

    Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

  2. bglashbrooks Says:

    I firmly believe any successful writer must have goals, and kudos to you for reaching two-thirds of yours! Best of luck to you for 2010!

  3. vimax Says:

    Very effectively written information. Will probably be beneficial to anybody who usess it, together with myself. Keep up the great work – for certain ill check out more posts.

  4. goyavier Says:

    Wonderfully said! I’d like to cite you in an upcoming e-book and refer people back to your blog. Please let me know your thoughts.

  5. Julie Says:

    This is such a great blog article. Thanks for writing and sharing! Cheers and happy new year to you.

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