Someone to count on

The other day I was doing my writing prompt out of the “Pocket muse”, and it asked for me to describe a fragile connection, and it got me thinking.  The most fragile connection is the one that so few people think is fragile that they don’t give it enough credit for being fragile.  That thing is friendship.

Whether it’s through a mutual interest, or compatible personalities, it’s a given that friendship is a connection, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to work hard to keep it strong.  True friendship is something to be revered, and once someone takes it for granted the other person starts to feel used, and betrayed.

Friendship is never just about “what can you do for me?“, or “what can I do for you?”  True friends are there to celebrate with you when things go your way, or comfort you when things get rough, and if you need something they will help without hesitation, and without demanding anything in return, and you will do the same thing for them.

There will be times when a friend will say something, or do something that hurts your feelings.  Remember, it’s probably not intentional, but instead of turning your back on them with unexpressed emotions, tell them what they did, and give them a chance to apologize.  Unexpressed emotions will grow to consume you to a point of hatred for the other person.  Petty misunderstandings are the biggest killers of friendships, and if you let them, future friendships can suffer from unjustified mistrust and paranoia.

Understandable, not all problems are petty, but almost all problems can be forgiven, if you are truly honest with each other.

If you want a meaningful and lasting friendship, you need to take a chance on trusting the other person.  There is no place in friendship for letting pettiness consume your relationship.  The worst pain we experience in our lives comes from those we love the most, because its impact reaches our heart, and it can effect us the rest of our lives.  That kind of pain can make us mistrustful of everyone we meet in the future.

For that reason we must learn to be honest in our relationships, and try to correct the problem before it lasts too long to correct.  Forgiveness is the beginning of the healing process, but it’s necessary if trust is to be regained.

Don’t let mistrust ruin your chance for happy and healthy relationships.  Be honest and forgiving of each other.  It’s not always easy,  but it’s worth the effort if the payoff is having someone you can count on.


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