so long old friend

I remember the day my wife and I moved in, six years ago.
You were here waiting for us to fill your life with purpose.
You assisted me through every meal, every snack,
And even with the size of my appetite you never judged me.

When we first met, you opened yourself up to me,
And through the years you just stayed in your corner
Humming softly to yourself,
Waiting patiently to serve me.

I remember the day the symptoms started.
It was last summer,
The first day over 80,
Your temperature started to go up.

I fought to keep it down,
But to no avail.
Then, two days later,
It returned to normal and I thought
All would be fine.

Then, six days ago,
Your temperature went back up.
I tried to help,
But it was no use.

On Monday, I decided it was time.
Through six years of faithful service,
And unending devotion,
The time has come for you to retire.

You will be missed.
So long, old friend,
Be cool.

Now, let’s see how well the new freezer works


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