All roads lead to a career

The career you choose will depend on several factors; family pressure, what you study in college, friends, and sometimes even by accident.  The question is how do you know you have found the right career for you?  Living out your parents’ dream of becoming a doctor or a lawyer may seem noble, but you were not put on this Earth to live out your parents’ dreams.

When looking for the right career for you, you have to think of yourself as an individual with unique abilities.  I used to work for a company where the manager wanted me to replace him when he retired.  He made this decision without asking me if I wanted the position.  As far as I was concerned the job was nowhere near where I wanted to be career wise.

When I was much younger, I knew what I wanted to do with my life.  Every job I had, and every career I considered all led me back to one thing; I would find a way to turn it into writing and photography.  Of course, I gave into career pressures to some extent, settling for a job in a grocery store with the night crew.  Even though I don’t like the job much, and I definitely know it’s not the career for me, I’m getting more material for writing.  I’m also pulling in a steady income while so many others are out of work.

Just because I work at a grocery store doesn’t mean I can’t pursue my real career choice.  There is no time limit on your career choice unless you’re talking about professional sports, or fashion modeling.  Many people have started their careers after they retire.  The trick to the right career is never give up.

Making a plan can also help you to reach your career goal.  Sometimes the jobs you have along the way, if looked at creatively, can help you reach a future career goal.  I know, how can a night job stocking shelves help a writing career?  While working at night, it gives me a chance to learn about products, marketing, and saving money, and then I can pass that along in blogs and articles.

When you make a career plan, start from your current position, job wise, because you can only move forward.  Ask yourself these questions; what can I learn from my current job about my career choice?  What education do I still need?  What resources do I already have?  How can I make the best use of those resources?

These are good starting questions.  As time, and the answers become clear, you will come up with other questions.  It’s best to stick to the plan you come up with, and don’t rush it.  If you try to jump ahead too fast, you can become confused, and the whole plan can fall apart.

Let me leave you with this; figuring out your perfect career is easy.  Pursuing the perfect career for you is the hardest job you’ll ever have.  Obtaining the perfect career is the sweetest victory you’ll ever know, and it’s worth all the work. Don’t give up, and you will have it.

Challenge: If you haven’t already started your real career, start making plans today.  You have nothing to lose.


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2 Responses to “All roads lead to a career”

  1. Sukanta Sarangi Says:


    Great! Nice blog!This blog to help to when we are choose right career.Before choose career we are very disappoint so this is show the pre-planed how to decide the career.


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