Journalists work hard to bring you the news.

Not since the death of Elvis Presley has the world talked so much about the sudden death of a music star, until last night.  Unless you live under a rock you already know that Michael Jackson died last night after going into full cardiac arrest.  It was truly a sad day for millions of his fans around the world.

The thing that struck me about this wasn’t his sudden death, or even the amount of talk generated by the incident.  I was struck by the speed that the news spread.  At the time of Elvis’s death, it took over half an hour before people started getting the news.  Thanks to the internet, word started spreading within two minutes.

Like I had mentioned in a previous blog, digital conversion or not, the day of television is quickly dying.  People can start getting the news almost the very moment it happens thanks to the internet.  What does this say about the future of journalism?

Journalist will now have to work harder and quicker to get people the news, or everyone else will out scoop them.  When that happens their career will be out the window.  I once had a political cartoon hanging on my desk of three vultures circling over a person crawling through a dessert with torn clothes.  On the vultures was written “media”, and on the man was written “Joe Public”.   While the depiction was less than flattering, the truth is a journalist has to be ready to report on a story in a moment’s notice.  If they don’t their career will be over.

While some journalists may be cold-hearted vultures, most are writers who just want to make sure you have all the facts.  They want you to know both sides of the story before you pass judgement.  It’s far better to live in the light of knowledge than to live in the darkness of ignorance.

You should know what’s going on in the world, and that way make informed decisions.  With the internet, they will now be able to reach a record number of people in record time.

Challenge:  If you find any article or news story useful, or informative, leave a comment, showing appreciation for the writer, they worked hard to get it to you in a timely manner.


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2 Responses to “Journalists work hard to bring you the news.”

  1. GlennWalker Says:

    Wow, as someone who was destroyed by John Lennon’s passing, I found it hard to get past your first line…

    Yes, unfortunate as it may be, as far as up-to-the-minute news goes, television (and sadly print) is dead. The Internet has rendered it pointless. The fact that you cite Jackson dying ‘last night’ is proof of that. He died in the early afternoon.

    Not only is the ‘net ahead of all the other news sources, sometimes it’s ahead of us.

    • apb148 Says:

      Thank you for the comment Glenn. The same thing is happening everywhere, even in the photography industry. prints from film is quickly disappearing.

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