Interview with an employer

Career counselors and personnel experts say that you must dress up for a job interview.  That’s fine if you are going into the legal profession, or medical field, but I’ve never dressed up for a job interview, and I’ve been successful with 95 percent of all my interviews.  The trick to clothes at an interview is to dress clean.  Blue jeans and t-shirts are acceptable as long as they are clean, inoffensive, and not full of holes.

Now that you have scheduled your interview, the first thing you have to do is be prompt.  The interview is the interviewer’s first impression of you, and if you’re not prompt, they are left thinking that you will never be on time to work.  When you go through the interview, you are, in essence, selling your services to a company.

Confidence is key to an interview.  This is your chance to show why you need the job, but just as important, why they need you, but don’t get cocky, be honest about your skills.  It wouldn’t do any good to have them thinking one thing, and then they give you a job you can’t handle.  Being honest about your weaknesses they can handle, even help you work through them, but they can’t handle lies.  You can’t work through something if you don’t know about it.

Be prepared for the questions.  During the interview, they will be asking questions, and asking if you have any questions.  Have a note pad handy, with a pen, so that you can write down additional questions you might have.  Chances are good that they will love the idea. Through the questions, you and the interviewer need to have all your doubts answered so that you can be hired without bad feelings over not knowing something.  Remember, there’s no such thing as a stupid question.

Don’t be shy; tell the interviewer what you have to offer.  It is, after all, what the interview is all about.  You will tell them how you can help them, and they will say how they can help you.

In most interviews, they ask the question, “Where do you see yourself in five years?”  Don’t just tell them the answer you think they want to hear.  This question doesn’t hold much weight on you getting the job.  They are just trying to see what they have to work with.

Above all else, be respectful.  A lack of respect is one thing that will end your chances in a second.  There’s no use faking respect, they know a brown nose when they see one.  Only genuine respect will show them that you are a team player, and worth hiring

If you go to an interview with an attitude of respect and confidence, and you are prompt as well as prepared, you will be able to make it through any interview process, and get most jobs you interview for.

Happy job hunting. Final job search blog will deal with keeping a job.

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