Organize your time to lower stress

It never ceases to amaze me how some people will obsess over something at the most ridiculous time.  My wife is the perfect example.  Every Saturday night before I headed in to work, she would tell me to check my other job for my paycheck.  I could understand  if it was a weekday, when I could go to the bank to cash it, but it was Saturday night when the only thing open was a Tim Horton’s doughnut shop.  When I would remind her of this, she would just say, “I don’t care, get it tonight.”

I always believed that one of the many causes of stress was worrying about the right thing with the worst possible timing.  When I was growing up, one of my biggest problems was that I would stress myself out over nothing, like what was going to happen in a test the following week, instead of working on the homework I had to accomplish first.  Of course, as the homework deadline drew closer, I would start to panic, and do substandard work.  My biggest problem was that I was a perfectionist, who would regularly obsess over one thing after another, to the detriment of everything else,  cleaning my room, socializing, just about everything.  Once the project was completed, never to my satisfaction, I was left to get everything else done all at once, and I’m not known for my organization skills.

To end my own stress I had to learn a couple of lessons.  One was to try to organize and plan ahead.  That way I wouldn’t be rushing at the last second to try getting everything done at once.

Another great lesson is that obsessing to get things perfect doesn’t always mean you’ll get them right, in fact you may make things worse.

The biggest lesson is that worrying about things at the wrong time doesn’t make them any better, and just adds to your stress.

Challenge:  Try to reduce your stress by organizing your time and getting things done in the right time.


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4 Responses to “Organize your time to lower stress”

  1. P.I. Barrington Says:

    Gee, is this me or what?! Thanks for motivation!
    P.I. Barrington

  2. Carol Says:

    OK. I’m going to print and post this to my refrigerator in hopes I’ll learn the art of being organized. Nice post!

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