The importance of getting out of a rut

If you could freeze time at any point in your life you would probably stop it in the happiest moment in your life.  Just like the bad times, you must move beyond the happy times, or you may miss out on something better.
I have a saying; “You should be happy with where you are right now, but that doesn’t mean you have to be satisfied.”  I am married, live in a nice place by the ocean, and have a job with good pay and great benefits.  While stocking shelves in a grocery store is honest work, and it pays the bills, it isn’t my life.  I am still searching for a job that allows me to use my creativity as well as my writing and photography.  I’m not ungrateful for my job, but I feel I can greater benefit others by using my creativity, which is something I was born with.
Even if you are doing what you are supposed to do, for a living, there are still areas in your life where things can improve. Of course we have to be willing to look closer at our own lives before we’ll see our weak areas, like our financial standing, health, spirituality, or education.  Once we see where we’re weakest, we can begin to strengthen those areas, and the only way to strengthen anything is by exercise, or hard work.
Life is a growth process that everyone must go through.  Sure, you may find where you are to be a good and exciting place, but eventually you can get comfortable where you are, and you stop looking to improve, which is when you stagnate and life becomes a rut that the longer you remain, the harder it will be to break free.
Ruts become like a poison, spreading through our spirits, like some energy sapping plague, eventually leaving us with nothing more to look forward to than an empty existence filled with the same motions every day.  The only way we will ever break free from this lifeless existence is by trying new things on a regular basis, and not being afraid to fail once in a while.  This is the only way to not only live, but to have life.

Challenge:  Closely examine your life and see what areas you can strengthen to keep you out of a rut, and move beyond your comfort zone.


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4 Responses to “The importance of getting out of a rut”

  1. Carol Says:

    Lovely post, Allen. Good thoughts!

  2. cruizen4u (Cindy) Says:

    This was right on the money. Reinventing yourself is always a good idea! Whenever I feel as though I am getting in a rut I try to steer in another direction.

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