Is the digital conversion too little too late?

Since its invention in 1928, by Philo Farnsworth, television has quickly become the primary source of entertainment and information for the world.  Just a few days ago, television finally converted to the digital age, which leaves me wondering, is this conversion too little too late?
Forty years after television was invented, information was exchanged between two computers for the first time which marked the beginning of the internet.  In 1969, when UCLA and SRI interconnected their computers the technology wasn’t as fast as television in passing on information even though  they were able to exchange information (television just gives you information).  As time passed, television stayed the same, except for adding color, while computer and internet technologies advanced.
The internet has now surpassed everything the television can ever hope to be.  Computers now entertain us, inform us, we can now shop on the computer, as well as do our taxes.  In essence, we can now use the computer to control every aspect of our lives.
With entire cities starting to offer a chance for anyone with wireless antennas on their computers to get free internet, as well as the hotels, condos some cafes and other internet friendly establishments, I view the conversion to digital as a last ditch effort by the cable companies, and television manufacturers to save their collective revenues.
My own prediction is that by 2028 people will no longer need their televisions and the internet will completely replace TV’s as the only source of entertainment and education in this country.
Companies, like Time Warner, will have to put all their research funds into new internet technologies, or they will have to face fading into obscurity.
I don’t have a challenge for this blog, just a message:  Welcome to the 21st century.


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6 Responses to “Is the digital conversion too little too late?”

  1. gigi1953 Says:

    Hmmm. Good post. I have a feeling your prediction may be right!

  2. Jen Says:

    I agree with your predictions. There are so many places on the internet to download the TV shows we all love, there’s really no reason to pay for cable anymore (though I still do.) I’m going to look into Boxee and see how it would work for me:

  3. (Cindy) Says:

    Pretty scary stuff. But in this day and age of technology one thing replaces the other.

    In our Bible studies we talked about how one day
    there will be a computer in every household. Or
    as you wrote computer accessability in other
    places such as cafe’s, etc.

    Even the homeless will have a place that they
    can go to to access the internet. Which means
    computers are going to be able to reach

    Thank you for allowing me to read your blog. It
    was very interesting and well written.

    • apb148 Says:

      In an early study on the prophesies we learned that there is going to be two prophets in Jeruselum (probably miss-spelled) and the whole world will see them killed and come back to life in three days. In the 70’s I thought how can the whole world see it. It’s not so far fetched now.

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