The inauguration and the internet

Today is the inauguration day of Barak Obama, the first black president in U.S. history, and the fact that it comes one day after Martin Luther King Jr. day is purely coincidental.  Many people are saying that this is an historic day,  but my question is how historic is it really?
According to Ecclesiastes 1:9 “there is nothing new under the sun.”  While this verse was talking about the cycles of the Earth, and life, the phrase is appropriate in this case as well.
The cycle of politics, just like the cycle of life is dictated by certain patterns, and while exceptions do exist, the pattern is 95 percent accurate.  The fact that Obama is black is just as coincidental as the holiday it follows.  If the Democrats chose a Nazi transvestite from Iraq he would have been chosen just because a democrat was going to win, according to history.
The outcome of this Political race was just as predictable as a James Bond film,  which leaves me with one more question.  Is there anything uniquely historical about this particular election?  The answer to that is yes.  There has never been an election that has made more use of the internet as this one.  Yes, there was the usual campaign dinners, smear ads, and debates, but the internet was a primary part of both campaigns, and the extent to which the internet was used has never been such an influence before as it was this time.
Another effect the internet has had on this election is that it brought the rest of the world closer to this election than in the past.  People from around the world were watching this one closely, and even trying to get politically involved.  They wrote blogs about it, and even made videos about it, even if they couldn’t vote themselves.  All they could do in the past was read it in the news, or watch it on TV but they had no say in the outcome.
What do I see for the future?  I think the political structure will still follow the same patterns, but the internet will increase not only the world’s visibility, but their involvement in the politics of future elections.

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One Response to “The inauguration and the internet”

  1. P.S.Gifford Says:

    An interesting take on the day’s events.


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