The benefits of meditation

Meditation, in most cases, brings thoughts of Tibetan monks, or people sitting cross legged with palms up and two fingers touching.  While most people know the image, they don’t always get what it’s all about.  I used to be told that it was to empty the mind so you can start fresh, but most of us know that you can’t empty the mind, so I passed meditation off as something Buddhists do, and it wasn’t for me.  As I got older my views of the world  evolved to show me that how I saw the world was based on where someone else told me to look.  I now see meditation as mentally beneficial to me in several ways.
Of course, with ADD the benefits can be astounding, (ADD is not a problem if you control it, and meditation can give you that control.) as well as with me being a writer.  In reality, meditation calms the mind, it doesn’t empty it.  With my problem, it’s easy to become distracted, and I can’t focus on one subject for too long.  What psychologists usually do for ADD is treat it with pills.  Pills may quiet the mind a little, but they take away some of the benefits of ADD, like the creativity.  With meditation, you can do the same thing, but you keep the benefit of creativity.
Another great benefit of meditation is focus.  With the calming of the mind, you don’t let in as many distractions and you can focus your attention to where you need it. A good example is the writing of my blogs.  I have always written when I found the occasional few minutes, and as a result, my blogs were unfocused, and rushed.  With a little meditation before writing, my blogs are becoming more focused.  They may not be where I want them to be, but they’re a lot better than what they were.
The final benefit I will mention in this blog has to do with the learning ability.  The calming effect of meditation will open your mind to new ideas about what you’re learning.  It allows you to explore every aspect of a subject without being distracted to the point of giving up on learning more,  which leads to a better understanding of what you’re studying.
There are too many benefits of meditation to cover in one blog, but for someone like me, these three reasons are the most important.  If you are a writer, try meditating before writing and see where it takes you, you might be surprised.


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