The 12 goals of 2009

Since I don’t believe in resolutions I won’t keep, I will now post my 12 goals of 2009.  The way these goals work is that I have one goal per month.  The order that they are accomplished doesn’t matter.  It just matters that I complete one per month.

1)  Organize my time to include more writing.
2)  Get at least one article written and submitted.
3)  Take more photographs for my stock.
4)  Write blogs that send a good message, and get more views.
5)  Find more ways to help people on a daily basis.
6)  Learn how to make quality videos.
7)  Reconnect with myself.
8)  Start making 100 dollars per week with writing and photography.
9)  encourage my wife to find a dream and go for it.
10) Make it through another year at my job.
11) Pay most of my bills.
12) Become less of a recluse.

If you have any goals you would like to share, leave it in the comments.


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