The Christmas spirit and a new years resolution

I have always loved the meaning of Christmas, and I could never get into the  commercialism of the season.  Working two retail jobs I have one solid month of pure insanity where I’m either dealing with irate customers, or trying to play catch up with all the video transfers that people require before Christmas, or their holiday season will be ruined.
Let me say that as far as work is concerned, I am relieved that Christmas is over.  I think I just got tired of people complaining over nothing important, and hearing about the things that make this time of the year stressful, instead of happy.  As far as the real meaning of Christmas, I can never get enough of that.  People giving of their time, talents, and hearts should be year round instead of one time a year.
Instead of making weight loss your new year resolution, or saving more money so you can buy another car to sit in the garage, which no one ever keeps anyway.  While weight loss and saving money are both important to your physical and financial health, they are both one sided, and only benefit one person.
Try making a resolution to do something nice, and helpful for someone else.  When I say do something nice and helpful, I’m not talking about giving money to charity, although if you have the money, you should feel free.  The kind of help I’m thinking of involves the simple things that make life just a little more bearable for someone who’s having a bad day.  Things like making irate customers laugh, or helping someone short reach something higher.  If you are doing something that makes a person’s day a little brighter without expecting some kind of payback, that is what the Christmas spirit is all about, and it’s the kind of thing that should continue throughout the year.
To all those who believe that a late order can ruin their Christmas, lighten up.  You need to reevaluate your priorities with Christmas.


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2 Responses to “The Christmas spirit and a new years resolution”

  1. unwriter1 Says:

    I agree with this totally!!!!


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