Blue lightning of December

On Friday, at about one in the morning, I was at work at Hannaford, stocking shelves.  The freezing rain storm had been going on since Thursday afternoon, and the weight of the ice on trees, and power lines was starting to take it’s toll.  Just after 1 the lights flickered about three times, and then they went entirely.  Of course the generator kicked in, but all we had was lights.
With no phones, the supervisor got on his cell phone and started making calls to managers, and trucking to get us trailers for the perishables.  In the mean time, there were two of us covering meat cases, and other cold shelf areas.   After the meat department was covered the three of us took a break outside to watch the storm.
There are some things that people don’t see during the day, and while we were standing out side, I saw a blue flash in the sky.  One of the guys suggested it was one of the emergency vehicles, but those are red.  Suddenly I saw another, then another, and so it kept going while we were standing there.  The flashes were going off so much, all I could think of was blue lightning.  Of course, power was failing everywhere.  New England has some serious ice storms, and in Maine this one left 16,000 people without power.
With our break over, we went back in and took care of everything else. About two in the morning help started to arrive and by six we had the cooler shelves emptied and  three trailers filled with meat, deli, produce, and dairy products.  This is an excellent example of cooperation and teamwork.
The power didn’t come back until 4:30 in the afternoon.  Trees were down, or split, and some even ended up in living rooms.
Some of you may ask, “What was the blue lightning?”  When power transformers explode they produce a blue light which reflects off the clouds, and resembles lightning flashes.


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2 Responses to “Blue lightning of December”

  1. Ron Berry Says:

    I’ve seen these and they are beautiful. Next question is, when you going to add my blog to your blogroll?

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