Don’t let technology control you

Every time you turn around it seems that technology keeps changing the way we see, and interact with, the world around us.  This is nothing new.  Inventions such as the telephone, cars, and television, have brought about major changes to who we can talk to, how far we can travel, and how many people we can reach.  Is it any surprise that the internet would have the same effect, changing our access to the world?  Since I started making videos on you tube, last February, I haven’t had any reason to turn on the tv.  With my computer, I can watch movies and videos, listen to music, write, edit photographs, and do all the research I want, and never have to worry about paying for long distance to keep in touch with my family and friends.
With everything a computer can do, is there a negative side to technology?  With all this information, and entertainment at our fingertips exercise has gone down and weight related health problems are on the increase.  Another problem is that everything we do is being run by computers.  As a result, people have become so dependent on them that if something happens to their computers, they would have a hard time recovering from the loss of information.
My own recommendation is to set a time limit for computer use so that you can get up and exercise.  If you are doing something specific on the computer, figure out what you want and how to accomplish it before you turn the computer on, this will make the task easier, and shorten the time you need to spend on the computer.  Make sure you save your files to disc, and save often. That way, if your computer crashes all you lose is time, and not information, it’s easier to replace a computer than it is to replace all the information a company needs to survive.
In short, make technology work for you.  Don’t let it control you.


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