Pets save lives

A three year old, in Virginia, wandered away from his home with their two puppies.  21 hours later, the child was found both safe, and alive, with the puppies snuggled against him on both sides.  The puppies kept the boy safe through freezing temperatures, and when they took the boy to the hospital the puppies were ready to travel with him.
In Colorado a two year old was choking while the babysitter was in the bathroom.  The family parrot started squawking loud, and kept repeating “mama, baby” until the babysitter came out of the bathroom in time to save the toddler’s life.
These two are perfect examples of the importance and the role animals play in our lives.  Many people see animals as good companions for lonely times, and yet other people see pets as an unnecessary expense.  Regardless of how people view pets, there is no doubt about the role they have in everyday life.  As long as they are given the love and attention they deserve, they will return the love with friendship, and loyalty. Not only that, they will risk their own lives to save you, and the only request from them  is love.
I remember the dog that tried to save his person from drowning in a hole by jumping in himself.  Unfortunately, neither one made it out, but the point is that the dog gave up it’s own life trying to save the man.
I don’t believe we should treat our pets like humans because they’re not, but they do deserve to be treated with respect, and unyielding love.  You never know, a family pet may just save your life some day.


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