Pearl Harbor and 9/11

Today is December 7, 2008.  This is the day that Americans commemorate the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.  Not only was it a direct attack on US soil, but it was also the act that brought America fully into World War Two.  Before this, most Americans weren’t “enthusiastic” about going to war especially since the first world war was still fresh in peoples minds.  After the end of the second World war Americans picked up the pieces and got their lives back together.
Almost 60 years after Pearl Harbor we were once again attacked directly and now we are plunged back into a war.  There are many similarities between the two attacks, but the 9/11 attack is now fresh in our minds,  and the attack didn’t happen on a military base.  It happen on two buildings where civilians, innocent people, just did their jobs and went home like everyone else.
When Japan hit Pearl Harbor they were aiming for a military target, not civilians.  Al Qaeda was aiming at three powers when they attacked.  Financial with the World Trade Towers, Military with the pentagon, and if the plane hadn’t been stopped, the white house.  If innocents got in the way of their attack, they didn’t care, and that to me is why, as important as Pearl Harbor is to this nation, I think 9/11 will dwarf Pearl Harbor in time.  Do I think that we shouldn’t commemorate Pearl Harbor?  I think we should remember both for their own reasons, and we should never forget the people who lost their lives in both.
As far as this battle is concerned, I feel we should definitely stay where we are until the job is finished, unless we want another attack to darken our land with the blood of innocents.


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