How much is too much

Have you ever had someone tell you that you work too much?  Well I have, all the time.  I have two jobs, one full time and one part time.  I have a wife to take care of after her mini-stroke, and I’m trying to start making money from writing and photography.
The question I had to ask myself, and I’m certain some of you are asking the same thing, is, “how much is too much work?”  In my opinion, if what I’m doing helps me to reach my objectives, then it’s worth the effort.
In my case, the full time job at a grocery store pays my bills and gives me great health benefits, my part time job at a photo store pays minimum wage and has no health care but it has supplied me with the camera equipment for my career through an employee account.  These two jobs are helping to set me up for my future career as a writer, and the photography will compliment my writing.  Obviously, the two jobs are a necessary part in my plan, and now that I have the photography equipment and equipment for writing, the next step will be to make 100 dollars a week with writing so that I can leave the job at the photography store.
With all that I have to do, it can get a little overwhelming, but is it too much?  With what I wish to accomplish, I would say no.  In his book “7 habits for highly effective people” Stephen Covey wrote, “You have to begin with the end in mind”.  Are you doing too much?  Ask yourself what you want to accomplish, and if what you are doing now keeps you from reaching your goals then the answer is probably yes.
If it helps, write out a plan that starts where you wish to end up, and work your way backward.  This will act as a map to show you how to get where you are going and where you should be right now.  After you have this plan, you can start putting it into effect, and in the end reach your goals.  Only then can you say it was worth the effort and it won’t seem like too much.


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