A wakeup call for Christmas

Last Friday, an employee from Wal-mart was trampled to death.  This incident has raised a very important question.  What has happened to Christmas?
No matter how you twist the truth, regardless of your beliefs, Christmas was started to celebrate the birth of Christ.  God gave the greatest gift, the gift of himself to save the world, and this was the inspiration for Saint Nicholas, a monk who lived centuries ago. He gave to the kids toys he made himself, a gift of his own talent.  He didn’t go to Wal-mart and trample someone to beat everyone else to an item that they probably didn’t want anyway.
People need to wake up and see that all these stores are not their friend, they don’t care about you, just your money, and they are using Christmas as an excuse to take your money.
A Christmas tradition I started in high school is that every year the gifts I give have to be creative, something I used my talents for, and cost me no more that 25.00 all together.  The first year I did this, I wrote a Christmas poem, bought an eight dollar box of cards and slipped a poem into each one.  People loved it, and all it cost me was eight dollars and a little time and effort.  The best part is no one died in the process.
The gift of your talent is something unique, appreciated, and something that everyone can afford to give regardless of the economy, and false sales.  Remember, a gift of the heart and talent can’t be returned, and it’s not easily blown off.  Christmas is all about giving something of yourself, and not of Macy’s, and that is the true meaning of Christmas.


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2 Responses to “A wakeup call for Christmas”

  1. Jen Says:

    I was horrified when I heard this story. That is a fantastic tradition you have! Last year I handmade my cards, but have not had time to do so this year. Maybe I’ll try to write a poem to include…I really like that idea. I personally love buying stuff for people for Christmas, because it makes me feel good to give them something the enjoy, and it’s an excuse they can’t argue with. It’s not the material aspect for me, but doing something to make someone happy. I do NOT get caught up in all the Black Friday hoo-ha though. I shop early, or online, to avoid the anti-Christmas cheer of the crazy crowds. Yes, I buy stuff, but it makes me feel good, and I don’t go over the top with spending. It is, ultimately, about spending time with your loved ones.

  2. Eric Says:

    employee christmas gifts…

    I couldn’t have said it better myself….

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